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Twitter Edit Button Launched

Twitter users have been asking the platform to add an edit button to their interface for quite some time now. Recent rumours had been suggesting that the platform was working on finally giving in to those demands and releasing the feature to the public. Now, it seems that they ha...

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YouTube 4K Playback May Become a Paid Feature

YouTube has been testing a lot of new models of monetization for their free video platform recently, some of which generated quite a few controversies when various users reported on them. Like an experiment which involved placing up to 10 unskippable ads before a video. Recently,...

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Twitch Elevated Chats Feature In Testing

Twitch has recently been testing out various changes to their monetization options for content creators in hopes of raising their own revenues while unlocking new streams of income for their most popular streamers. One such feature in testing is a new elevated chats feature, whic...

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Twitter DM Interface Update

Twitter is rolling out a new update for its Android app, which will bring a whole new interface to the DM section. The changes being proposed have already been available to iOS users for quite some time, and with this update, they are finally accessible to Android users....

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YouTube Search Update for Health Queries

YouTube has announced that they will be adding a new section to their search results, called Personal Stories, which will only show up when you are searching for specific health related queries. This section will feature videos made by creators that have been diagnosed with the s...

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Google Search On 2022

Google recently held a special Search On 22 event, where it announced lots of new updates for its popular search engine and related services, like Google Images, News, Shopping, and others. These new features will be rolled out for customers in the coming months to make their sea...

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Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements Update

Adobe has launched updated versions of its Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements applications, with lots of new features focused on editing photo and video content for social media platforms. They have also introduced specialized AI tools that are designed specifically to make...

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Apple Music Classical App In Testing

New code spotted in the beta version of the Apple Music app has revealed the existence of a potential Apple Music Classical app, which might be launched something this year. Similar references were previously spotted in the iOS 15.5 beta version as well, so it looks like Apple is...

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Harly Malware Hits Android Devices

Famous security firm Kaspersky has released a report about a new type of malware that has been infecting android devices called Harly. Named after Harley Quinn, the popular Batman villain, this malware was initially noticed in various Samsung, Huawei, and Google phones, where it ...

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Intel Unison Platform

In recent years, a lot of companies have tried to bring multi device integration into their ecosystem, with Apple, Samsung, Huawei and others being at the forefront of this new interconnectivity revolution. While companies like Apple play in their own closed iOS and Mac ecosystem...

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