Adobe Stock Platform Now Accepts AI Artwork

Adobe Stock is a well-known database for stock photographs and videos, and now they will also allow AI-generated artwork to be bought and sold through the service.

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Wed Dec 7, 2022 - 12:00

Adobe Stock Accepts AI Artwork

Sell & Purchase Computer Generated Art

The topic of AI-produced art is contentious, with some people rejecting it and others praising it. With some restrictions, Adobe will soon start to accept illustrations generated using generative AI on its Stock platform, putting it on the latter half of the spectrum. It seems like Adobe believes this action to be the greatest middle-ground solution. The corporation is aware that there are ethical problems around AI-generated art but acknowledges that technology will be employed regardless of these issues.



Images that resemble photographs must be correctly labelled as artificial intelligence (AI) material. Adobe only accepts true photos that were captured using a real camera. Contributors are required to identify their contributions as Generative AI and to note that they can be both fake and created. Adobe doesn’t want users to tag contributions with inaccurate descriptors, such as stating a figure is a real person or calling an image a 3D render when it isn’t.

Additionally, regardless of whether it’s photorealistic or caricature, anything that features actual locations, identifiable property, or noteworthy persons cannot be submitted. The user must have authorization and the legal right to use someone’s likeness if their work is based on, represents, or uses an actual person or property. Also, only high-quality, cheery images should be used.


Many online artists struggle with technological challenges related to their artwork. They are worried about losing money as more and more individuals turn to freely accessible AI engines to produce art. It might have the unfavourable side effect of smothering amateur artists’ creative spirits. By indicating that this is only a new route, Adobe maintains its upbeat tone in its release. This choice will undoubtedly be a fascinating experiment, particularly in terms of copyright.


Due to potential copyright issues, Getty Photos may have prohibited AI images from being used on its platform. Shutterstock decided it would be preferable to collaborate with developers like OpenAI (who recently introduced the most user-friendly AI called ChatGPT) to bring forward the work of Adobe engineers and artists.