Twitter Blue Subscription Updated

Twitter has announced a new update to the Twitter Blue subscription model, which brings a new three-tier verification system for businesses, governments, and celebrities.

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Sat Nov 26, 2022 - 12:00

Twitter Blue Update

Introduces Multiple Verification Systems

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the company has been embroiled in scandal. Before Musk bought the company, Twitter exclusively issued its Blue Tick of Authenticity to prominent personalities like politicians, celebrities, and other notable persons. However, the game has altered now that Musk has introduced a paid tier Twitter Blue and made it possible for everyone to get a verified blue tick. See what Elon Musk has just declared.


Twitter Blue

Each Twitter Blue subscriber’s profile will feature a verification tick to show that they are a genuine user. On December 2nd, the company will implement new verification procedures. Previously, only politicians and celebrities had access to the Blue Tick feature, but now everyone will have it.

There are three tick species that will be present. The first, the Gold Tick, will be reserved for businesses, while the second, the Grey Tick, will be offered to government agencies. The final one, a Blue Tick, will be accessible to anyone with an Individual Account, regardless of fame or notoriety. With a Twitter Blue subscription, this is available to anyone.


Twitter makes it quite easy to get one of these ticks on your profile. You just need to go to the Profile Menu on Twitter and choose the Twiter Blue option from there. Following that, an interface will appear, within which you will need to click the option labelled Subscribe for $/year. Congratulations, and be sure to keep following the in-app purchase instructions! Your profile has been updated to include a Tick.

Price and Availability

The cost to purchase these various Ticks is $7.99. Elon Musk has made it quite clear that anybody, famous or not, will have access to this function. One of these Ticks may be obtained at any moment from Twitter and is used in a variety of ways. To join, just sign up for Twitter Blue and join the roller coaster as it continues to evolve to remain relevant.