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LG MAGNIT TV Series Launched

LG has announced the launch of its brand new MAGNIT series of premium home theatre TVs, with the MAGNIT 4K 136 inch display being the smallest and most affordable offering. The MAGNIT TVs are made up of multiple microLED panels that have been fit together using a proprietary cabl...

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BenQ EH620 Launched

BenQ has announced the launch of a one of a kind smart projector for business customers, called the BenQ EH620, which comes with an integrated Windows operating system and embedded Intel Celeron 4000 Series processor. Thus, it is a complete solution that provides the same securit...

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Huawei Smart Screen Portable Version Launched

Huawei launched the updated lineup of their Vision Smart Screen displays at a recent launch event in China. While the other models featured large 4K displays meant to act as your main entertainment hubs, they also featured a special portable version, which you can carry with you ...

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Huawei Vision Smart Screen Launched

Huawei has launched a new series of smart screen displays under its Vision lineup, which features support for 120Hz refresh rate and various smart home entertainment features enabled by the third generation Harmony operating system....

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Amazon Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen Launched

Amazon has launched the third generation version of their popular Fire TV Cube device, which now comes with their special Alexa Voice Remote Pro. This is a unique product that combines the versatility of their Fire Stick TV streaming devices with the utility of their Alexa powere...

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Amazon Fire TV Omni Series Launched

Amazon just held a special launch event where they showcased a whole host of home entertainment products. One of the more exciting updates to their lineup was the introduction of the updated Fire TV Onmi series, which now features two new smart QLED TV models....

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Amazon Echo Dot Devices Introduced

Amazon just held a special event to showcase a variety of products for its Alexa powered home entertainment segment. One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the updated versions of its Echo lineup, which features a new Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock speaker. ...

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C SEED HLR TV Showcased

C SEED is a world famous TV manufacturer known for developing upscale displays. Its latest creation is a massive 201 inch foldable MicroLED TV, which has been created specifically for outdoor use. Showcased at CEDIA Expo 2022, this special model, called the C SEED HLR TV, claims ...

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Razer Leviathan V2 X Launched

Razer has just added a new member to its Leviathan family with the launch of the new Razer Leviathan V2 X model. This is a powerful PC soundbar that was designed specifically to meet the audio needs of desktop gamers who do not want to invest in yet another basic 2.1 speaker setu...

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LG OLED Flex Launched

LG has introduced the first bendable OLED TV in the world, called the LG OLED Flex, model number LX3. The LX3 features a 42 inch 4K 120Hz display that supports variable refresh rate and auto low latency modes. It is also G SYNC & AMD FreeSync Premium compatible. The sound is ...

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