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BenQ Ultimate Golf Simulation Projector at MyGolfDubai

The world of golf will now have access to the most cutting-edge simulation solutions thanks to a collaboration between Visual Display Solutions giant BenQ and the most Premium Golf & Entertainment Lounge, MyGolf Dubai. They include cutting-edge golf simulators and other ameni...

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Sharp NEC P Series Projectors Launched

Sharp NEC, a major player in the Japanese technology market, has introduced two new projectors with a maximum brightness of 17,000 lumens. On the eve of ISE 2023, the Sharp NEC PA1405UL and NEC 1705UL were unveiled. This is soon after the P627UL Laser Projector with 6200 Lumen br...

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Marshall Middleton Speaker Launched

The best Bluetooth speakers available right now are small, adaptable, and highly easy to bring with you wherever you go, whether you are working out in your garden, attending a party, or simply cleaning your home. Although the brand Marshall is known for its street-legal guitar a...

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NAD CS1 Endpoint Network Streamer Launched

Nowadays, several of the best music streaming services offer high-resolution audio alongside their standard uncompressed CD-quality and compressed or reduced-quality streams. But now, getting high-resolution audio will be a bit simpler. To take advantage of the high-resolution au...

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HiSense PL1 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector Launched

A new laser projector has been released for the international market by reputed electronics manufacturer Hisense. The Hisense PL1 ultra-short throw projector is a diverse tool that enables you to create a large-scale, immersive viewing experience in your own house. The PL1 offers...

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OnePlus Q2 Pro QLED TV Coming Soon

Similar to its smartphones, OnePlus TVs are well-liked by all their customers over the world. They are renowned for their practically bezel-less screens and attractive, lightweight design. The company introduced the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro some time back. Reportedly, OnePlus is pre...

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Sharp NEC P627UL Laser Projector Unveiled

The brand new NEC P627UL Laser Projector was introduced by Japanese electronics company Sharp. ISE 2023 will feature the latest Sharp laser projector from January 31 to February 3. An amazing 6,200 ANSI lumens of brightness is provided by the new Sharp projector. The projector is...

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LG PF510Q Projector Launched

Compact portable projectors, once exclusive to corporate boardrooms, are now a common choice for those who wish to temporarily set up a big-screen display inside or outside their home for a movie night or gaming. It is now easier than ever to project any kind of media once you lo...

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Apple HomePod Speakers Updated

The Apple HomePod smart speaker has undergone its first significant update since its original release in 2018 with the introduction of a new model from Apple. Despite using the more recent S7 chip and offering better smart home compatibility, the new HomePod resembles the older o...

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LG G3 OLED TVs Introduced

With the arrival of the LG G3 OLED TV, the market for OLED TVs will receive even another boost in excellence and brightness. At CES 2023, the new G Series OLED was on display with the rest of the 2023 OLED line-up of LG, which also included the LG C3, LG B3, LG Z3, and […]...

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