Lenovo Xiaoxin 520 Projector Reviewed by the Great Lobbyist

Here is our review of the portable and compact Lenovo Xiaoxin 520 Projector, which features a solid and sleek body, powerful internals, and 8K playback capabilities.

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Sat Jan 14, 2023 - 18:45

Lenovo Xiaoxin 520 Projector Review

A Perfect Companion To Enjoy Your Media On-The-Go

Imagine going on a weekend trip with your friends or family and wanting to show them the series or movie you have always wanted. Or imagine you taking a break from your hectic city life, venturing on a getaway with your partner and relaxing while you watch a drama together. Sounds fun, right? Here is where the all-new Lenovo Xiaoxin 520 Projector will come into play. This small, dynamic and ultra-portable projector will help you or your loved ones project anything you want in a wider area and enjoy it anywhere you go.



The Xiaoxin 520 fits neatly into a rucksack or a backpack thanks to its dimensions of 195 x 195 x 48.5mm. Even with a remote control and a compact power adaptor, the bare 1kg weight makes it very portable. The entire equipment has a futuristic, minimalist look. The ultra-thin form is matched by the grey and black intervals in the colour scheme. It is trendy and fresh and works well with the majority of interior design trends. So wherever you keep it in your home, it will surely match your aesthetics.


The role of the chip is obvious if the projector seeks greater image quality. The support of the chip is necessary for several AI tasks to enhance image quality, including HDR and high-resolution high-bit-rate video decoding. Amlogic T982, a quad-core processor that is commonly found in high-end projectors and laser TVs, is used in the Xiaoxin 520 smart projector.

This CPU boasts four A55 chips, a 1.8GHz core speed, a 2.6 trillion times-per-second NPU, HDR10+ and HLG high dynamic contrast picture decoding capabilities, and MEMC compatibility, which is only seen in high-end flagship computers. Hence, this projector ensures that there will be no lagging or interruption while you play your preferred media on it.


A DMD with 1.05 million micromirrors measuring 0.23 inches is used in the Xiaoxin 520 smart projector. The processor also includes a TSP optical module from Lenovo. It can physically display 1080P resolution by rapidly shaking the micromirrors. Additionally, the projector can also play videos in an 8K resolution, thanks to its processor, which can perform 8K decoding.

Although 850ANSI lumens is not a very high brightness level, it is difficult to find a projector with a brightness level higher than that under the same volume. It is also challenging to locate a projector smaller than the Xiaoxin 520 with a brightness level equal to that. Hybrid Log-Gamma technology and HDR 10+ are the equally outstanding features present in this device. Additionally, the MEMC motion compensation algorithm is also added to the Xiaoxin 520.


Sound Quality

A brilliant pair of symmetrical VIFA speakers, adjusted by the head engineer in Denmark, are installed on each side of the Xiaoxin 520 Projector to give the superior-quality of audio. The sound is medium and low frequency after you play the music, with the low frequency diving deeper, the medium frequency being transparent, the vocals being at the front and the high frequency being relatively high. When compared to similarly priced competitors, the overall sound effect of this projector is noticeably superior.

When viewing movies, the sound field is broader, which may greatly enhance the sensation of immersion, and the image colour reproduction capability is, in fact, considerably superior. The Xiaoxin 520 may therefore satisfy your everyday high-quality listening needs, whether it be a portable private theatre or a smart speaker and dismiss the myth that compact projectors have low sound quality.


The Xiaoxin 520 has a 2G+32G storage combination, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, low blue light and Rhine eye protection. To assure connectivity, the remote control supports dual infrared and Bluetooth remote controls. The iQIYI Kiwifruit app is the Xiaoxin 520’s default entertainment provider, and it incorporates resources like Tencent Aurora, Mango TV, BesTV and others resources. You can download different videos, games and programmes at the same time.

Stand-Out Features

There are many additional features which will be loved by all users. Firstly, obstacle avoidance on screens is supported by the Xiaoxin 520. The screen will automatically avoid obstructions when you enable this feature and execute automatic keystone correction. It also offers an automated screen alignment feature that uses the front CMOS lens to determine the screen area automatically.

Secondly, you can press the button on the remote control to scan and recognise any character on the screen, instantly search the entire network for the actor’s information and automatically match the movie, TV series and character relationship he/she has engaged in while watching an online movie or TV show.

Thirdly, you may watch uploaded 4K movies, travel images and drone aerial videos through the Data Guardian App by connecting the Xiaoxin 520 to Lenovo’s NAS personal cloud storage.

Fourth is the automatic brightness adjustment. The Xiaoxin 520 has a high-precision ambient light sensor built into the front panel. The brightness of the screen will be modified in accordance with the light, brilliant during the day and soft at night when ambient light adaption is enabled.

Fifth is the sophisticated voice control feature. To communicate with the projector, such as asking about the weather or selecting the movies of a particular actor, you simply need to push the voice button in the remote’s upper left corner.

Sixth, you can download the Smart Lenovo App to use as the projector’s remote control. Users can also locate the remote control using the app. Alternatively, you can use a little stick to trigger the 3.5mm headphone jack’s magnet, which will cause the remote control to beep.

The wisdom wall is the seventh cool feature. It is a screensaver that runs automatically and transforms the projector into a wall-sized piece of decor for the house.

Last but definitely not least is the feature of active shutter 3D technology for home 3D movie viewing. The Xiaoxin 520 supports any video to be played in 3D, although you must have your own 3D glasses to avail of this feature. The screen projection feature is comparable to what is found in modern projectors. Users can either use Huawei Cast+ to project the screen or streaming apps to do so.


Is It Worth It?

The Lenovo Xiaoxin 520 Projector is priced at $400. It is available on Lenovo’s official website and across Lenovo stores in a few countries.

The Xiaoxin 520 projector thoroughly embodies the young, stylish and cutting-edge positioning of Lenovo in the projector market. The picture quality and sound effects far exceed expectations, and the compact and agile skin is clothed with an intriguing spirit. A lot of people’s ingrained perceptions about conventional small projectors are challenged by the performance, which is coupled with an intelligent and user-friendly practical design. With the same brightness, its comprehensive performance can even outperform certain high-end projectors, which are way more expensive. Therefore, Xiaoxin 520 can satisfy your needs with its hard power whether you’re a college student, a working man or woman, or a homemaker. It is definitely worth every penny you spend.