LG G2 OLED EVO Gallery Edition Announced For IFA 2022

LG has announced the updated lineup of its OLED TVs, along with the largest OLED TV in the world, the LG OLED Evo Gallery Edition TV, model 97G2, at IFA 2022.

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Monday September 5, 2022

LG G2 OLED EVO Gallery Edition Announced

Model 97G2 Features a 97-inch Panel

LG has announced the launch of the largest OLED TV in the world, the LG OLED Evo Gallery Edition TV, model 97G2, at IFA 2022. The company will also show off a whole array of cutting-edge display technologies, with models from its Micro LED and QNED TV ranges on exhibit as well at its IFA booth.



OLED TVs employ self-lit pixels that can be turned on and off individually to reproduce perfect blacks, incredibly natural colours and infinite contrast. This also enables various unique form factors such as flexible and rollable TVs. The latest model in LG’s self-lit OLED lineup delivers immersive viewing experiences on a grand scale. Other smaller screen sizes include - 42, 48”, 55”, 65”, 77”, 83” and 88” options.

Alpha Processor

The new Evo Gallery Edition TV also has an α (Alpha) 9 Gen5 AI Processor and advanced picture algorithms to deliver lifelike images and a genuinely immersive, cinematic viewing experience. The 97-inch G2 series model also incorporates LG’s flush-to-the-wall Gallery Design, offering a seamless, integrated look that will instantly elevate the most luxurious home movie theatre.


Another highlight of the lineup at IFA will be the 88-inch LG SIGNATURE 8K OLED (model 88Z2) and 86-inch QNED TV (model 86QNED99). Both ultra-large models deliver the signature OLED look and feel at a jaw-dropping size, with a peak 8K (7,680 x 4,320) resolution. With over 33 million self-lit OLED pixels, the 88Z2 presents an amazing level of detail, along with deep, dark blacks, infinite contrast, and lifelike colours that remain true across a wide viewing angle. Meanwhile, the 8K 86QNED99 equips LG’s Quantum Dot NanoCell and Precision Dimming technologies to deliver sharp, vibrant images on its impressive 86-inch screen.

MicroLED TVs

Also on show in Berlin will be LG’s massive 136-inch 4K Micro LED (3,840 x 2,160). This jumbo-sized model presents first-class picture quality on a spectacular scale, pairing micrometre-sized self-lit pixels with a modular design. Visitors to IFA 2022 can check out all of LG’s latest flagship TVs at its booth in Hall 18, Messe Berlin.