LG MAGNIT Premium Home Theater TV Series Launched

LG has launched a new premium home theatre TV series called LG MAGNIT, which features a massive 136 inch 4K microLED display base model.

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Tuesday October 4, 2022

LG MAGNIT TV Series Launched

Premium Home Theater Offering

LG has announced the launch of its brand new MAGNIT series of premium home theatre TVs, with the MAGNIT 4K 136 inch display being the smallest and most affordable offering. The MAGNIT TVs are made up of multiple microLED panels that have been fit together using a proprietary cable free block assembly design. They also feature a dedicated processor and cutting edge AI functionalities for an optimal viewing experience.


Full Black Coating Technology

One of the key features of the display is the use of LG's special full black coating technology, which replaces the packaging surrounding the R, G, and B LED chips with a more sturdy design that delivers much deeper blacks and more vivid colours. Since the chips are not connected anymore, each sub-pixel is powered individually using a common cathode drive-IC, which helps minimize power consumption.

This new package is buried under several layers of coated film, which protects the LED chips from water drops, dust, static electricity and even physical impacts. It also delivers an exceptionally smooth finish to the surface, which is soft to the touch and can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth without the need for any chemicals.

Cable Free Block Assembly Design

Even with all these new technologies, it is hard to scale up the size of the TV with just one panel, which is why the MAGNIT displays are made up of multiple microLED panels that have been stacked together, much like other large-size commercial displays. The difference is that this series features a new wireless broadband transmission technology, which removes the need for any signal and power cable to connect multiple units.

Each panel also features a special docking mechanism, which easily slots into other panels and works together seamlessly in a block assembly design. This way, all the connections you actually need are for the system controller and power input. Due to this unique construction and design, the display automatically minimizes colour distortion at all sorts of viewing angles. This way, users can experience accurate visuals even in an extreme side view.

Once the panels are joined together, they are fixed in place using three pairs of wall mount accessories and a frame kit, both of which are provided with the purchase. Since they don't come in a pre-built format, you can even pick the exact screen size you want to be installed.

Exceptional microLED Performance

Once all the panels are set up and put in place, the MAGNIT TV acts as a single massive display. It can achieve a peak brightness of around 2000 nits and features support for 120Hz refresh rate, HDR 10, and HDR 10 Pro output. The screen also has a built-in light sensor that can turn up the brightness and contrast when it detects a large amount of ambient light in the room.

The solid full black coating further helps increase immersion by enabling a superbly high contrast ratio thanks to the noticeable visible differences between the dark and light parts. It also improves colour accuracy by using an enhanced Gamut Transfer technology, which can display colours as close to the original colour of the content as possible.

All of these features are managed by an in-built alpha a7 intelligent processor, which also manages special algorithms for reducing picture noise and upscaling content. It manages the picture output in tandem with a Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 home speaker to deliver a truly immersive audio-visual experience. These speakers have 18 drivers — seven tweeters, seven mid-range drivers and four subwoofers — that can output sound in every direction.

Connectivity Features

Like everything else on this display, the connectivity options are more varied than you would ever need. To start, there are the traditional IO options, which include four HDMI-in ports, a digital audio out, two USB-in ports and an RS232C port. You can also use the built-in AirPlay 2 and Miracast, plus LG's own webOS smart TV platform for apps and streaming services.

For professional users, LG MAGNIT has been certified by Crestron Connected for a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls. So you can easily achieve seamless integration and automated control. The system is also compatible with the LG SuperSign CMS solution, which is an all-in-one content management solution for content editing, scheduling and distribution.

All of these features can be controlled with the help of a clean and intuitive UI, which is present in general LG digital signage. It allows users to easily access the settings by using a remote control instead of connecting to a PC. To ensure everything works properly, there is even the option of using LG's ConnectedCare service, a cloud service solution that is used by LG technicians to remotely manage the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services.

Price and Availability

As we mentioned above, this is the smallest and most affordable option in the series, with bigger models featuring 163-inch and 325-inch displays. The flagship 325-inch model actually comes with an 8K display, which is required to maintain a high-resolution output at such a scale. Since all of these are truly premium offerings, LG has kept the price secret. Potential buyers can contact the company directly to get the latest price quote.