LG OLED Flex Curved Gaming TV Launched

LG has introduced a new OLED Flex TV, which claims to have the first bendable 4K 120Hz panel that supports 20 levels of curvature.

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Friday September 23, 2022

LG OLED Flex Launched

First Bendable 42 Inch OLED TV

LG has introduced the first bendable OLED TV in the world, called the LG OLED Flex, model number LX3. The LX3 features a 42 inch 4K 120Hz display that supports variable refresh rate and auto low latency modes. It is also G SYNC & AMD FreeSync Premium compatible. The sound is delivered through two front firing 40W speakers that support Dolby Atmos.


The panel remains flat by default, but you can always bend it to get a 900R curved experience. In fact, that is not the only position you can set it in, as the system supports up to 20 levels of curvature, depending on your viewing preferences.

This means you can set the screen up to 10 degrees towards and up to 5 degrees away from the user. This is in addition to the height adjustable stand, which gives you a further 140 millimetres of up or down movement. So that you can get the TV in the perfect position to match your eye levels.

Even without the curvature, the OLED panel is brilliant in itself, with exceptional picture quality, 100% colour fidelity, and a superfast 0.1 millisecond response time. It is powered by an α9 Gen 5 processor and various AI picture algorithms for enhanced viewing pleasure. They even include various eyecare technologies, like anti-glare and flicker-free certifications. There is even a special super anti-reflection (SAR) coating that helps reduce ambient visual distractions.

Other special features include the ability to change the aspect ratio of the content itself, to match the source. This image resizes feature can be accessed from the Gaming Dashboard menu, which hosts a bunch of other quiet setting shortcuts. For more control, there is a special Gaming Optimizer, which lets you change the picture and sound settings on a game-by-game basis. There is even support for Dolby Atmos if you want to tie in external speakers to improve the experience.

The Game app lets you access other popular apps and connected external input devices on the same screen. You can select multiple apps and view them all at the same time in the special Multi View mode. This means users can play a game while watching YouTube videos at the same time. The Switching Hub lets you switch between all these different media options, as well as input devices, like keyboards, mice and gaming controllers.

For users who want even more personalization, LG OLED Flex incorporates customizable lighting in the rear, which can be synchronized with the video or audio of the content playing on the screen. Thus, making it a true world-first curved gaming TV. We can’t wait for it to be available for open sale so that we can do a detailed review of all the things showcased in this model.