BenQ GS50 Projector Review

BenQ GS50 Projector Review

The BenQ GS50 is an impressive portable projector for those who just need a dependable machine that they can take with them on the road. The BenQ GS50 is a top pick for anybody searching for a lightweight projector with decent picture quality and enough brightness to work in most dark situations.


The projector comes in a green-and-white colour scheme that has orange highlights along with a brown leather strap on the right. Physical controls include a power button, a Bluetooth connect button, and volume buttons, which are located on top of the projector. On the left, you’ll find a door that hides the ports, including audio output, USB-C connection, HDMI port, USB connector, and a locking switch. There’s also a button on the front you can use to alter the projector’s height.

The projector is rather tiny and light, measuring 6.06 inches wide, 5.75 inches tall, and 7.32 inches deep. Moreover, it also weighs just 2.3kg, which implies that it may be taken anywhere easily. The projector has a well-designed remote that is comparable to that of the GV30, and it includes software controls, a Google Assistant button, a pre-programmed Amazon Prime quick access option, and buttons for image adjustment.


For those who aren’t in an area with traditional Wi-Fi, the BenQ GS50 provides a variety of networking choices. That means you can connect wirelessly and via HDMI. Android TV is already preinstalled on the GS50 if you have the dongle installed. You’ll use Android TV to access your favorite streaming services and content if you utilize the projector within the Wi-Fi range. You may also opt not to use Android TV instead of utilizing the projector’s HDMI and USB-C Display Port, and even Cast directly to it. Furthermore, the projector can establish its own Wi-Fi network for you to connect to straight from your device. You do not need an internet connection if you have the material installed on your device. BenQ offers a Smart Control software that you may use; however, it isn’t very useful because it just works like a remote.


The GS50 offers greater resolution than the GV30, with a 1080p resolution. The GS50’s 1080p resolution is accompanied by a brightness level of 500 ANSI lumens, as well. BenQ claims that for an ideal picture, a screen size of 80 inches and 100 inches is required, although the projector can show pictures ranging from 30 to 110 inches in size. There are six picture modes to choose from: Picture Mode, Bright, Living Room, Sports, Cinema, and Day Time. It is bright enough for a portable projector with its nice resolution (1080P), which is suitable for most users. Remember that LED projectors appear brighter than their measured ANSI lumens might indicate. Even though the projector easily displays an image that is bright enough in darker environments, you may not want to do so with a lot of ambient light.


The BenQ GS50 features a built-in battery, which lasts up to 2.5 hours on a single charge. It also has a USB-A/C charging port and a display port. Battery life on this will eventually vary considerably depending on how you use the projector, as well as brightness and other factors. It’s adequate enough.


BenQ GS50 delivers great audio without the need for connecting any external speakers. Fortunately, the projector may be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker, which is a fantastic feature. The speakers have deep, powerful bass and well-tuned mids. Highs, on the other hand, are clear and precise.


The Benq GS50 portable projector excels in many aspects, such as being lightweight and simple to transport. It’s a great beamer, especially in dark settings with good picture quality that is still sharp and readable. Throw in decent audio, with a bass profile that’s loud but not overpowering, and you’ve got yourself a real winner of a projector.

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