BenQ Launches Flagship models of the MOBIUZ Gaming Monitor Lineup

BenQ Launches Flagship models of the MOBIUZ Gaming Monitor Lineup

BenQ has been recently announcing new models for its MOBIUZ gaming monitor lineup, and the revelations continued today, as the company announced two new flagship models, named EX3210U and EX2710U.

Both models feature a sleek and modern look, with the white styling chosen specifically to match the aesthetic of game consoles and peripherals to create a holistic gaming atmosphere. In addition, the body also hides the subwoofer-boosted 2.1-channel audio setup, paired with a newly built AI noise-cancelling microphone for an aurally immersive gaming. As well as a HDMI 2.1 output to handle the video signals.

The display itself is a 32-inch 3840×2160 16:9 IPS UHD HDR display for the EX3210U model, and a 27-inch 3840×2160 16:9 IPS UHD HDR display for the EX2710U model. Other than the size difference, there is hardly any change in the overall design of the monitors. But that hardly matters when you are immersed in the immaculate 4K UHD image quality, which refreshes at 144hz, and has a 1ms response time.

The monitors are rated for FreeSync Premium Pro, as well as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology, to help eliminate motion tearing and stuttering for fluid, smooth action. Combined with some behind-the-scene tweaks to the image, audio, and controls; the enhancements only add to the overall experience.

Some of the changes done include the use of BenQ-exclusive HDRi technology, which utilizes discretely integrated light sensors for unprecedented clarity with superb contrast, revealing subtle shades in dark regions of the screen while preserving fine details in bright areas. You get stunning color intensity, balance, and saturation thanks to other proprietary enhancements, like Light Tuner’s 20 color settings for different gaming genres; and Black eQualizer for brightening dark corners and shadows, to help gamers easily identify game objects and hidden enemies.

Most of this is done on the fly, with the intuitive Scenario Mapping feature, which auto-selects your preferred settings when the input source is switched. Quick OSD pre-sets and 5-Way Navigator joystick allow even easier access to these gaming enhancements.

Complete with exclusive BenQ Eye-Care, the new BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210U and EX2710U gaming monitors combine all of these novel technologies to invite gamers to a new reality with full audio, visual, and gaming immersion.

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