eufy Unveils the World’s First Twin Turbine Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

eufy Unveils the World’s First Twin Turbine Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Eufy, a smart home brand by Anker Innovations, unveiled the RoboVac X8 Series of robotic vacuums. This CES Innovation Award-Winning series includes the RoboVac X8 and X8 Hybrid. Both vacuums feature the world-first Twin Turbine technology that generate 2*2,000 Pascals (pa) of suction power.
The X8 Hybrid also features mopping and vacuuming functions. This together with dynamic pressure suction, means those trickier than usual particles are swept up with ease. Pet owners can rest easily, knowing that pet-hair cleaning capabilities have increased by almost 57% compared to previous RoboVac models.
The eufy X8 series is powered by iPathTM laser navigation. This system uses a Lidar laser to learn the layout of your house and builds a real-time map. The X8 series also uses A.I. Map technology that allows users to see the X8’s real-time mapping report and use that data with zone commands to customize where the X8 should and shouldn’t clean. Clever sensors also ensure the X8 will navigate around stairs, find its way out of trouble spots, and make sure your valuables aren’t swept up in the mess.
Both vacuum cleaners work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to make it easier to ensure a smart and truly hands off experience. RoboVac X8 vacuum is available now to purchase online from Amazon at the price of AED 1,999.  X8 Hybrid is available at select retail stores at the price of AED 2299.
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