Eufy’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner RoboVac X8 Hybrid Offers High-End Features At An Affordable Price

Eufy’s Robot Vacuum Cleaner RoboVac X8 Hybrid Offers High-End Features At An Affordable Price

Eufy’s RoboVac X8 Hybrid offers a great all-around experience and comes equipped with advanced features like multi-floor mapping and yet consistent performance across surfaces like carpets and hardwood. This smart-home device is an impressive robot vacuum cleaner that puts many other similarly priced vacuum cleaners to shame, boasting multiple map support, LIDAR scanning, and twin-turbine suction technology with automatic adjustment features. 


Eufy has made the RoboVac X8 Hybrid look like a high-end piece of tech, sporting an elegant all-black design. The RoboVac X8 Hybrid measures 97mm tall and has a diameter of 345mm. These dimensions allow the device to squeeze into most spaces. There are three buttons sitting atop the RoboVac – to initiate a cleaning session, to return the device to the dock, and to perform a spot clean. It comes with a 400ml bin that can be pulled out from the rear, which means we could remove the bin while the X8 Hybrid was conveniently charging at its dock. There’s a filter within the dust bin, and there’s a handy brush attachment with a dedicated hair removal tool that helps clean out excess dirt within the X8 Hybrid itself.

Eufy has added a 250ml water tank to the device to attach a microfiber cloth for mopping hard floors (the standard X8, that comes without mopping functionality, is equipped with a larger 600ml bin). On the bottom, there’s a motorised floor brush meant for cleaning both carpet and hardwood; a three-prong side-sweeper brush helps push the dirt from the edges right into the path of suction. We think this is a great feature to clean the dirt and dust that builds up in the small gaps.


We love how the X8 Hybrid can store multiple maps and identify which to use when. In addition, one can get the most out of Eufy’s RoboVac X8 Hybrid with the super seamless and easy to use EufyHome app that is available for both iOS and Android. The RoboVac X8 Hybrid is designed to put twin-turbine technology to good use, and we were quite impressed with how well it was able to take care of hair, dust and other dirt stuck in our carpets and floors. Moreover, the smart vacuum cleaning device is great at getting past obstacles like rugs, unlike a lot of other competing devices – it intelligently used its kickstands that it help lift itself to make a smooth transition from one type of surface to another.


Once we hit the play button on auto mode, it set the X8 Hybrid loose around the entire house wherein it went on to clean the whole floor. We also tried selecting other cleaning modes on this – Room, Zone and Spot. Moreover, we simply loved the fact that we could completely automate the process if we wanted to by setting up a daily, weekly or monthly schedules that the X8 Hybrid then follows. Also, unlike other vacuum cleaners, this one is not noisy at all. are usually loud, but that’s not the case with the X8 Hybrid – it does generate an increasing humming sound as the power or the levels are increased, but it’s hardly noticeable. lt also sports a BoostIQ mode that can automatically adjust the suction power depending on the type of floor it is cleaning, so, one doesn’t have to be stuck with changing suction settings all the time.

It’s an impressive cleaner on hardwood floor and can easily suck up stuff like sugar, toast, vegetable skins etc. after a particularly messy meal prep in the kitchen. Another key feature of the X8 Hybrid that takes its performance to the next level is that it also has a mop mode that works via a dedicated mop mount which can easily be attached to the bottom of the device. Moreover, there is a rubber mat in the box that just sits beneath the dock to help protect carpets or rugs wen the mophead is wet and messy. Coming to the battery life, the RoboVac X8 Hybrid claims to have a 180-minute runtime, but we found that it only holds true for the lowest level of suction power. With higher suction levels, the charge does run out faster. However, even the robot does run out of battery in the middle of cleaning, it’ll smoothly go off to the dock, charge itself, and resume right from where it left off.


The Eufy RoboVac X8 Hybrid is a great buy because it really excels at what it claims to offer. Moreover, who do not wish to control it via the app, or even press a button, they can simply use voice commands via either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The mopping feature allows an added level of cleaning that makes this device even more powerful. All in all, it is a great vaccum cleaning robot if one takes its great features like multiple map support, intelligent LIDAR scanning, decent battery life, and sleek design into consideration.


Great performance across multiple floor types like carpeted and hardwood floors

Well-built, easy to use, and super seamless app

High-end features and functionality

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