BenQ Ultimate Golf Simulation Projector at MyGolfDubai

The world of golf will now have access to the most cutting-edge simulation solutions thanks to a collaboration between Visual Display Soluti

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Thu Feb 2, 2023 - 16:02

BenQ Ultimate Golf Simulation Projector at MyGolfDubai

Bringing Advanced Display Solutions To The World Of Golf

The world of golf will now have access to the most cutting-edge simulation solutions thanks to a collaboration between Visual Display Solutions giant BenQ and the most Premium Golf & Entertainment Lounge, MyGolf Dubai. They include cutting-edge golf simulators and other amenities to provide players with the same experience they would have on a golf course while staying indoors. Additionally, MyGolf Dubai is offering the MyGolf Academy, a golf instruction facility that is revolutionising the way people learn the game.

BenQ Ultimate Golf Simulator Projector

The Process

In order to advance the golf simulation sector in the United Arab Emirates, BenQ has permanently installed a LK936ST laser projector for golf simulation in a prominent bay at MyGolfDubai. MyGolfDubai can now offer far more engaging, realistic, and immersive experiences for its users to play at 197 golf courses around the world that are all included into their golfing simulator thanks to BenQ’s technologically superior laser projectors. The projectors are set up in collaboration with GolfZon simulators, which Golf Digest named the best golf simulator for the years 2017 through 2021.

Features Of The Projectors

Thanks to its cutting-edge specifications of True 4K UHD resolution, Realistic Color Accuracy, 5100 ANSI Lumens Brightness, Short-Throw Lens, Maintenance Free Laser lasting 20,000 hours, and a host of useful installation features, the BenQ LK936ST 4K Short-Throw Laser Projector is the Ultimate Golf Simulation Projector. The projector may serve as both a quality family home theatre system at night and a golf simulator during the day, making it perform in more ways than one. Golf Mode is a simple configuration option that uses the blue and green colours from well-known golf software to fix purple fringing and immerses players in pleasantly accurate representations of the sky and grass.


In the UAE, there are approximately 22 golf clubs. In 2020, the market for golf simulators exploded as those confined to their houses could quickly and easily transform their bedrooms, basements, and garages into their preferred golf courses. Practice, proper golf gear and equipments are crucial for both professional and amateur golfers who want to advance and master the sport, and many have turned to indoor golf simulators for realistic practice. A projector used in golf simulators, along with a monitor, impact screen, and computer to display images from the computer, can create the most realistic and immersive golf experience possible for all the golf enthusiasts. BenQ and MyGolf Dubai seek to raise the bar for indoor golfing with the help of this partnership.


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