Horizon Zero Dawn Remastered Version Coming Soon on PS5

Rumours suggest that Sony is working on a remastered version of their exclusive Playstation video game, Horizon Zero Dawn, for the PS5 console.

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Wednesday October 5, 2022

Horizon Zero Dawn Remastered Version

Coming Soon on PS5

Over the years, Sony has delivered some of the highest rated exclusive video game franchises for its Playstation video game console, including but not limited to The Last of Us, God of War, Uncharted, Spiderman, Gran Turismo, and Horizon Zero Dawn. A lot of these games have found a second life on the PC platform, with some even getting remastered to take advantage of the latest generation processors and graphics.


The latest game that is speculated to be getting this remaster treatment for their next-gen Playstation 5 gaming console is Horizon Zero Dawn. This game initially came out in 2017 and instantly became a fan favourite thanks to its futuristic post-apocalyptic story setting, strong female protagonist and amazing graphics. The colours and textures of the Horizon world were like a breath of fresh air and took complete advantage of the PS4 system.

A sequel to this game was released just this year, called Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, which gained equal if not more fame and praise from the fans for bringing a new level of gameplay and graphical upgrade to the franchise. Now, Sony seems to be looking to revisit the original title once again, to update the graphics to match the new title and take full advantage of the next-gen PS5 capabilities.

This rumoured remaster will feature new and improved character models, lighting, and animations. It will also feature new accessibility features, AI behaviours, and compatibility with the latest-gen DualSense controller. We have already seen how much such improvements can benefit the gameplay experience with the launch of the newly remasted The Last of Us, which came out in early September, and we can't wait to see how the same works in Horizon Zero Dawn's world.

In addition to the remaster, rumours also suggest that Sony is working on a multiplayer version of the game as well, in addition to a new Forbidden West DLC, both of which will come out in the near future. Chances are that the price of the new game will also get an upgrade to $70. While Sony hasn't officially confirmed any of these rumours, we will still keep an eye out for any and all updates that come through regarding the same.