Playstation 5 Jailbroken by Hackers

A new video on Twitter showcased how hackers were able to jailbreak the Playstation 5 gaming console from Sony and unlock the debug menu.

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Tuesday October 4, 2022

Playstation 5 Jailbroken

Hackers Unlock Debugging Tools

Even though a lot of people consider video games to be something meant only for children, gaming is actually a multi-billion dollar global industry, with the PC and console gaming segments hosting hundreds of new AAA and indie titles each year. With the average price of a new game hovering around $60, the expense of being an active gamer can add up to a hefty amount for anyone who wants to experience at least one new game per month.


A lot of users, therefore, end up turning to the world of piracy to take care of their gaming needs. This is quite easy for PC gamers, as the Windows operating system is quite easy to take apart and modify. However, console makers still have some level of control, as they can add proprietary security systems to ensure that users can't actually modify the games without raising some kind of alarm.

Unfortunately, some hackers are still able to find workarounds around these systems and jailbreak their consoles to run pirated video games. Depending on the level of security employed and the skill of the hackers, this process can take anywhere between a few months to a few years. In the case of Sony's latest Playstation 5 console, this jailbreak happened within two years of its launch.

Hackers and content creators broke the news on Twitter by posting a video showing a jailbroken PS5 interface running firmware version 4.03, which unlocked the debug menu for potential users to exploit. They can now create mods for existing games, download inaccessible games and apps from the store, and install pirated copies of various video games on their PS5 without permission.

While this move comes with the obvious limitations, like the inability to access the online Playstation Network, no multiplayer access, and a void warranty; it is a compromise a lot of users will be happily willing to make, as long as they can enjoy the latest video game titles without actually paying for them. Let us see if Sony is able to reverse this jailbreak and release a patch in a future software update, or if this will be the start of modded PS5s hitting the market across the world.