GL – Feature – How To Choose The Right Dishwasher For Your House? 

GL – Feature – How To Choose The Right Dishwasher For Your House? 

Dishwashers have gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years as more and more people have been spending more time, cooking, and eating at home. While they are absolute game changers in terms of providing convenience and cleaning, it can be challenging to choose the ideal one for your home. Here are some points to consider and tips to help you choose the right dishwasher depending on your usage and requirements:

Cleaning Capabilities

Cleaning is what a dishwasher is all about; its designand features mean little if a dishwasher cannot wash dishes effectively. Make sure to look for dishwashers that deliver the cleaning power that you’re looking for. There are a lot of features available in dishwashers in the market which boost the cleaning power to provide a more thorough dish cleaningexperience. For instance, some dishwashers come with a concentrated wash sprayer to clean sports bottles and touch to clean glasses. Similarly, some machines have specially designed power-spraying cycles that are meant for getting rid of baked-on foods. It would help to focus on features that matter for your specific usage rather than ones that look appealing to have on an ad or website. In areas that have hard water, it pays to consider dishwashers that include water softeners so that you can get crystal clear glassware without any water stains.Lastly, the placement of dishes within the dishwasher also greatly affects how well they’re cleaned. A number of dishwasher manuals provide useful guidance in this respect.

Drying Power

Cleaning dishes may be mostly what a dishwasher does, but it’s incomplete without a decent drying performance. It’s important that a dishwasher can dry dishes effectively so that you don’t have to end up drying each of them by hand. Some dishwashers feature heating elements i.e. large metal pieces that can heat up to dry dishes. While this may be effective for drying out water, it also further bakes food which can then become almost impossible to remove. Moreover, this can end up melting plastic pieces accidentally placed near these elements. It may be wise to consider this before investing in a dishwasher with a heating element. Alternatively, amuch more advanced and energy-efficient drying feature is the inclusion of a stainless-steel tub. These stainless-steel walls are designed to providecondensation-based drying that doesn’t melt plastics or bake on food, and effectively removes moisture from dishes after each cycle. The proper arrangement of dishes also plays an important in drying effectively. A dishwasher with an auto-open door features makes for an even better drying experience.


With kitchens increasingly adopting open floor plans,a noisy dishwasher can prove to be quite annoying for some. It becomes difficult to have full use of the kitchen and dining area while a noisy dishwasher isrunning. There are plenty of options available in the market now that are designed to offer impressively quiet operation. One just has to learn how to understand decibel ratings. A normal conversation between people is measured to be between 55-65 dB while a quiet room may be around 40dB. So, it works if you can find a dishwasher whose noise falls somewhere between these two. With betterinsulation materials, quieter machines are now also available at lower prices. Generally, dishwasher noise levels are either greater than 50dB i.e. noisy;between 44 dB and 49dB i.e. moderately quiet; and less than 44dB i.e. extremely quiet. In a regularhome environment, a dishwasher that falls below 49dB is good enough unless you are wanting something almost noiseless. 

Consider these tips and features before shortlisting dishwashers for your home and you’ll find yourself buying and enjoying the convenience and satisfaction of a particularly useful home appliance that is ideal for your home. For more information, you can check out latest dishwasher reviews on our website.

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