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Sony SRG Series Cameras Launched

Pan-tilt-zoom options are growing in number at Sony Electronics. PTZ cameras, two of which are 4K models with integrated AI analytics, A40 and SRG-A40, were launched by Sony. Without using a computer, the SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 cameras track and naturally frame presenters without fa...

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Samsung Bespoke Air Solution Products Launched

Samsung Electronics has introduced new air solution products called the Samsung 2023 Bespoke Windless Air Conditioner and the Bespoke Cube Air Purifier featuring outstanding characteristics. These devices are great for your home and will provide the perfect amount of cooling in t...

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Anker Mach V1 Ultra Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Launched

Anker has now unveiled the Mach V1 cordless vacuum, which will be sold through crowdsourcing. A cordless steam cleaner, the Mach V1, may be used to clean with steam. The device can run for up to 82 minutes on a single charge and has a suction power of up to 16.8 kPa. Let us get [...

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Realme 4-in-1 Air Conditioner Launched

A new product has just been released by Realme TechLife in the market. The newest gadget is a home appliance, a 4-in-1 convertible inverter air conditioner that will be available in time for the summer. It is set to change the norm of regular air-conditioners with its performance...

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Wyze Cam OG Launched

Two new models of the Wyze smart home camera have been launched. The Wyze Cam OG comes with either a floodlight or a telephoto lens. The standard model of the Wyze Cam OG comes with a floodlight, while the variant with a 3x telephoto lens omits the external light. Let us have a f...

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IKEA PILSKOTT Smart LED Floor Lamp Launched

Home Furnishing and Solutions giant IKEA has introduced two new smart LED lights with remote control and a brightness of up to 1,000 lumens. The PILSKOTT LED floor light and the PILSKOTT Pendant Lamp are the two types of lamps in this range. The maximum brightness of the LED pend...

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Wyze Cam Pan V3 Launched

There are still many new devices to be released, even if CES has been over for a few days. The Seattle-based Wyze first gained its reputation by introducing an incredibly cost-effective security camera back in 2017. Although Wyze has since greatly expanded its product line to inc...

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Philips R6 Slim Robot Vacuum & Mop Launched

Philips is a brand which rarely disappoints consumers. Many of its products have gone on to become some of the best in the market. Recently, the Philips R6 Slim robot vacuum and mop made its debut in the market. The R6 Slim comes with a self-cleaning docking station and several n...

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Xiaomi MIJIA Mite Eliminator Pro Launched

Xiaomi, a tech powerhouse, has unveiled the new MIJIA Mite Eliminator Pro. This dust mite remover has the most appealing feature, which is its usage of an LED digital screen with an integrated sophisticated sensor system that can track fabric dust mites in real-time. If it is not...

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Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp Released

Yeelight, a part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, has revealed a new Cube Smart Lamp with HomeKit and Matter compatibility. Several Yeelight products, including the latest one, were introduced at CES 2023. The Yeelight fun portfolio includes the smart lamp. It is the first Yeelight produ...

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