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Xiaomi Soft Wind Vertical AC 3HP Launched

Xiaomi has launched a new vertical air conditioning unit called the Xiaomi Soft Wind Vertical Air Conditioner 3HP. It is a highly efficient cooling and heating system which features various filtration systems for keeping the air and the machine clean and free of germs....

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Xiaomi MIJIA Freezer 203L Launched

Xiaomi has launched its first ever deep freezer called the MIJIA Freezer 203L. As the name suggests, the freezer offers up to 203 litres of all sorts of frozen foods, meats, and even fruits and vegetables....

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Roomba Combo j7+ Launched

iRobot, the Amazon owned company behind the popular Roomba series of robotic vacuum cleaners, has launched a new variant of their popular cleaning product, which now features a retractable mopping system. This new model is called the Roomba Combo j7+, and it was launched to mark ...

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Xiaomi MIJIA Washer & Dryer Launched

Xiaomi has launched a new fully automatic washing and drying machine called the MIJIA Washer and Dryer, which features touchscreen controls and a unique steam cleaning system. Currently, the model is available for preorders only in China, at a starting price of 2399 yuan, but it ...

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Xiaomi MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Launched

Xiaomi has showcased a brand new robotic vacuum cleaner for the home environment called the MIJIA Sweeping and Mopping robot. The vacuum comes with a special base where it can dock to charge, dispense off the cleaning agent, and even automatically load and unload water for ease o...

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LG MoodUP Refrigerator Announced

LG has unveiled a new model for its Objet Collection, called the MoodUP refrigerator. This customizable lineup of smart kitchen appliances features colour changing LED door panels, which can change between 22 different colour options for the upper panel and 19 colours for the low...

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Anker Flagship Store Launched in the UAE

Anker has recently launched its first flagship store at City Centre Mirdif in Dubai, UAE. The experiential store will act as a destination hub that showcases the latest innovations from the parent company across all its brands, including Anker Charging, eufy Smart Home, Soundcore...

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LG Vivace Washer & Dryer Launched

LG Electronics has just launched the perfect product to help you get laundry done seamlessly, known as the LG Vivace Washer and Dryer. The all-in-one machine features a sleek and simple look, with a metallic finish and robust build quality. To ensure maximum space capacity and al...

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LG Introduces Inverter Ducted Split HVAC System for Businesses

LG Electronics has just introduced the LG Inverter Ducted Split system, which provides highly efficient cooling and heating performance while saving energy at the same time. It is equipped with LG Inverter Compressor, which enhances efficiency by adjusting the output according to...

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LG InstaView Refrigerator Launched

LG has always been known for its ambition to offer well-built lifestyle appliances that master a combination of upgraded features and design innovations for improved user convenience. Today, they showcased an example of one such innovation for a better life, with the launch of th...

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