LG Kitchen Appliances For Ease Of Life Launched

LG has launched new kitchen appliances, including the InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, LG NeoChef heating appliance, and LGu2019s QuadWash Steam dishwasher.

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Monday June 20, 2022

LG InstaView Refrigerator Launched

Kitchen Appliances For Ease Of Life

LG has always been known for its ambition to offer well-built lifestyle appliances that master a combination of upgraded features and design innovations for improved user convenience. Today, they showcased an example of one such innovation for a better life, with the launch of their new InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, which claims to drastically reduce the loss of cold air by eliminating the need to open the full door. It instead provides quick & easy access through a smaller opening, which houses your favorite drinks and snacks, and can be opened by simply knocking on the door. Once you knock twice, the sleek glass panel on the front of the fridge turns transparent, helping you in deciding what item to take rather than wasting time by having the door open.


Once you’ve made your pick, you can heat it up within minutes, using the new LG NeoChef heating appliance. This product includes multiple functions to suit your needs and cravings, from grilling, frying, or even making fresh yogurt. With precise temperature controls and consistent heat distribution, the food is heated in a much safer manner, for both consumption and taste. The entire setup delivers up to 1200W of power that can cook on average 1.6 times faster than other appliances. All the while, using 72% less oil and less fat. Thus, making it ideal for those who need healthy and hot food, but within a time crunch.

After eating, you can easily dispose of the dishes, with LG’s QuadWash Steam dishwasher. It features a sleek if robust body, with easy loading and unloading experience, thanks to a slide-out tray and solid hinge mechanism. The dishwasher includes functions for powerful soaking and hygienic cleaning, with intuitive controls, adjustable racks, and a large load capacity. All to make your overall eating experience that much more hassle-free.