LG MoodUP Refrigerator Announced at IFA 2022

LG has unveiled a new member of its Objet Collection, called the MoodUP refrigerator, which features LED door panels that can change colours.

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Friday September 23, 2022

LG MoodUP Refrigerator Announced

Presented At IFA 2022

LG has unveiled a new model for its Objet Collection, called the MoodUP refrigerator. This customizable lineup of smart kitchen appliances features colour changing LED door panels, which can change between 22 different colour options for the upper panel and 19 colours for the lower one. In addition, users can use the ThinQ app to change the colours at will and match them according to their interior design and lighting preferences.


There are even special customization themes that can represent unique settings, like Season, Place, Mood and Pop. Users can select any of the above and then play with the tones and hues to further enhance the personalization aspect. You can even sync the lights to music that can be played via the built-in speakers that come as standard with this model. This makes your refrigerator more than just an appliance sitting in your kitchen, but rather something that should be experienced.

Showcased at IFA 2022, this smart refrigerator also comes equipped with a whole host of advanced refrigeration and smart technologies that help keep your food fresh and accessible. For example, if one of the refrigerator doors is left open too long, in-built sensors detect this issue, and the panel lights will start blinking until you notice and rectify the mistake.

It also features proper motion sensors that can detect if someone is approaching the fridge doors and blinks the light on the panels as a way of welcoming the user. If the same thing happens at night, the freezer door will ramp up the brightness to help you navigate better in the dark.

All of this is made possible by a dedicated on-device AI chip, which helps make this a truly smart device. Not only can you get over-the-air updates to improve the performance of these systems, but you can also connect to other smart devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share key information. Like sending notifications to your phone about the status of your food items or any emergency alerts that pop up.

Even if you push aside everything else, it still is a top-of-the-line offering from the brand, which features a minimalist design and modern design combined with the best cooling technologies available on the market. It will certainly make a chic addition to any type of home, featuring all sorts of décor choices.