Samsung Zigbang Digital Door Lock Unveiled

Samsung and Zigbang have partnered to reveal a new smart security door lock that can be unlocked through your Samsung smartphones wirelessly.

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Sat Dec 3, 2022 - 22:00

Samsung Digital Door Lock Unveiled

A New UWB-Based Smart Door Lock

Samsung, the leading tech giant in the global market, has collaborated with Zigbang, a real estate company, to launch a very efficient smart door lock with an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) chip. The model is based on the Zigbang SHP-R80 UWB Digital Key Door Lock. For this iteration, Samsung and Zigbang have worked together to create a new version of that smart door lock.


Ultra Wide Band Technology

The user will not need to tap their phone against the lock or launch an app since this new smart door lock detects a digital home key in the Samsung wallet on their phone. For short-range communication, Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology uses radio waves similar to those used by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, a high-frequency band makes sure that accurate distance measurements and accurate signal direction sensing are accomplished. Due to its limited range, UWB technology also offers improved security against hacking. A digital home key will enable the UWB capability, which has been uploaded to the user’s Wallet on their Samsung smartphone.


The smart lock with UWB can alert family members to the identity of the person unlocking the door with the help of the Zigbang app. The digital home key can be disabled using the Find My Mobile tool if the user misplaces their phone. If that’s not done, a burglar could use the digital home key to get inside their house. The smart door lock will work with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, both of which support UWB functionality. 

Price & Availability

Though the price is not known yet, any user can use Samsung Pay to buy and use the Zigbang smart door lock whenever it is launched. The smart door lock will be available very soon in some countries, and later, it is expected to hit the global markets through platforms like Amazon that sell such smart security systems.