Xiaomi Viomi AI Smart Door Lock Super 2E Launched

Viomi, an ecological chain partner of the popular Chinese brand, Xiaomi, has launched a new smart door lock which can be unlocked even without touching it.

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Tue Dec 6, 2022 - 20:00

Viomi AI Smart Door Lock Super 2E Launched

Smart Home Security Powered By Xiaomi

It is not known to many people, but Viomi is an ecological chain partner of the reputed tech giant Xiaomi. Viomi has introduced a completely automatic smart door lock called the Viomi AI Smart Door Lock Super 2E. This lock has more functionality than the majority of smart door locks available in the market currently.



With built-in Wi-Fi direct capability, the Viomi Super 2E doesn’t require the purchase of extra gateways in order to connect to smartphones. As a result, attaching the door lock is much simpler than the competition. Additionally, the item can be linked to the Viomi app, enabling users to quickly connect to a range of connected smart cameras and home security systems.

Design & Features

Thanks to a smart sensing system, the lock can automatically unlock when it detects that the door is being opened, and locks when the door is closed. The door may be opened directly by touching it, and as the handle does not need to be pressed, it can be opened even if the hands of the user are otherwise busy.

If the lock tongue returns strangely, the door lock will instantly send out a security breach warning sound and communicate the relevant information to the app thanks to a high-precision sensor embedded into the lock body. Users can also instantly check the door’s state. It comes with a built-in 5000mAh lithium battery that can be recharged and has an extravagant 4-month battery life.

How To Use

Six unlocking options are supported by the new Viomi AI lock Super 2E: fingerprint, password, temporary password, virtual password, door card, and key. The fingerprint lock is one of them and uses the semiconductor fingerprint unlocking system, which can swiftly identify a fingerprint in 0.7s without further verification. It also supports AI self-learning technology, which gets smarter with use.

Price & Availability

The Viomi AI Smart Door Lock Super 2E is priced at $301. It is currently available on pre-sale and will be launched officially soon.