Xiaomi MIJIA Sweeping Robot 2S Showcased

Xiaomi has showcased a new automated vacuum cleaner called the Mijia Sweeping Robot 2S, which, as the name suggests, can also sweep the floor while vacuuming it.

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Thu Dec 1, 2022 - 16:00

Xiaomi MIJIA Sweeping Robot 2S Showcased

Automated Robot With Laser Navigation

Housewives may rest easy knowing that Xiaomi has their backs. The MIJIA Sweeping Robot, developed by the firm, has now arrived, meaning that you may have some more time off. This robotic sweeper is equipped with laser navigation, allowing it to navigate around obstructions. If you want to know more, read the article.



This robot has an impressive design and a look that is reminiscent of the future. The MIJIA Sweeping Robot 2S is equipped with brushless motor driving wheels that are robust enough to roll over obstacles as little as 2 centimetres in height. The height of the robot measured out to be 97 millimetres overall. The high-powered suction fan and rapidly rotating mop cloths provide the robot with the ability to do sweeping and mopping duties simultaneously. The most recent iteration of the MIJIA sweeping robot has a suction force of 4000Pa and also functions with laser navigation. The weight of the robot has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be a lot lighter than bigger models from the brand.


Using the sweeping and mopping robot, the floor may be thoroughly cleaned, and dirt cleared. It has an intelligent, electrically-controlled water tank and three distinct volume settings. This allows exact control over the amount of water released, which is necessary for an effective mopping operation. It can avoid obstacles in three dimensions, so it is less likely to get imprisoned. This function is added to the LDS laser navigation system previously present in the robot. Even when the power is turned off, the gadget continues to scan the surrounding surroundings, allowing for rapid route mapping.

 The brushless motor driving wheels of the MIJIA Sweeping Robot 2S are sturdy and capable of crossing obstacles up to 2 cm tall. Using the MIJIA app, the sweeping robot may be operated remotely from a distance. Additionally, it permits the establishment of links with XiaoAI speakers. The user may then complete the sweeping duty by just stating, “XiaoAI classmate.”

Price and Availability

For the time being, the MIJIA Sweeping Robot is solely for sale in China. The reservation fee for this robotic Vacuum Cleaner is around $14, in addition to the $282 retail price. We expect this product to be released in January 2023; however, there is no official date set as of yet.