Huawei Launches Sound Joy, Its First Smart Portable Speaker In The UAE

Huawei Launches Sound Joy, Its First Smart Portable Speaker In The UAE

Dubai, UAE- 10th March, 2022 – The HUAWEI Sound Joy is the first portable speaker
from Huawei Consumer Business Group in the UAE, which was co-engineered by Devialet.
It’s a tiny, attractive, and portable speaker geared toward usage on the go. For consumers
wherever they go, it offers fantastic convenience and high-quality sound. The brand-new
woven fabric design is IP67 certified for dust and water resistance and features an anti-slip
surface for added toughness and longevity. The HUAWEI Sound Joy can provide energy to
outdoor gatherings with a large built-in battery that lasts up to 26 hours and fast charging

The HUAWEI Sound Joy was created by Huawei and Devialet in collaboration. Devialet is a
well-known French audio technology firm that creates High-Fidelity premium gear. The
HUAWEI Sound Joy is equipped with the Devialet SAM® audio technology, which
generates a realistic sound experience free of distortion. Two diaphragms positioned back to
back are used in the iconic Push-Push passive radiator design to cancel sound waves and
produce clearer distortion-free music.

The HUAWEI Sound Joy also has a two-way speaker system that produces loud high-
frequencies and deep bass. The HUAWEI Sound Joy employs a 2-way speaker system with
one tweeter and one speaker unit dedicated to mids and lows. They create clearer and more
powerful sound as a result of their integration. The HUAWEI Sound Joy can reach 79dBA at
2m despite having a small 0.25L sound chamber. The HUAWEI Sound Joy is a small, splash-
resistant speaker that you can take anywhere as a water bottle. It is portable, measuring
202mm tall and weighing 680g with a diameter of 73mm. Whether you’re having lunch at the
lake, trekking in a national park, or cycling around the city, it’s simple to carry along.
HUAWEI Sound Joy is a fantastic friend for people who want to play their own music at any

The HUAWEI Sound Joy has a huge 8800mAh battery that gives the speaker a lengthy 26-
hour lifespan on a single full charge. Even when the battery is dying, the 40W fast charging
allows users to charge it up quickly and safely. With a 10-minute charge, the speaker can play
for an hour. It only takes 3 hours to recharge the battery from empty.

HUAWEI Sound Joy comes with several smart functions that allow you to use it more often.
The Shake Stereo Link Up option allows you to link two HUAWEI Sound Joy devices
together to form a stereo system for a more immersive and engaging audio experience. Users
can connect their devices to the HUAWEI Sound Joy and instantly transfer music between
them thanks to One-Touch Transfer. All they have to do is lay the device across the top of the
HUAWEI Sound Joy. Users can also use their voice to communicate with the HUAWEI
Sound Joy as a smart assistant, by pressing the Voice Assistant button. Users may even ask
questions of this voice assistant on any smartphone or tablet that supports Google’s voice
recognition service rather than just Huawei devices.

Audio and volume control have also been improved. Users may easily pause or skip songs
and adjust the volume level from their wrists with HUAWEI Sound Joy’s HUAWEI Watch
Control feature. Users may link their smartphones, laptops, or tablets with the HUAWEI
Sound Joy by simply tapping on the pop-up that appears on their devices using the Automatic
Discovery feature. It’s easy to use. There are no settings to adjust on the devices, and it

doesn’t require a cable or a foray through the menus. The new speaker also comes with a
multi-color ring for adding dramatic ambience.

The HUAWEI Sound Joy, both Obsidian Black and Spruce Green, will be available in UAE
shops on March 10th, starting at AED 599, along with a free gift – an original HUAWEI
Backpack worth AED 149.

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