Huawei Consumer Business Group announced its first sports watch, the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner. The latest smartwatch is not only supposed to be the wearer’s smart assistant but also a personal training coach. The sports smartwatch scientific fitness system includes real-time heart rate monitoring, accurate track positioning, AI running coach, and boasts up to 2-week battery life.
You can’t tell all this just by seeing the product, as the HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner adopts an understated design, featuring lightweight materials such as the high-strength polymer fibre. The artistic design draws inspiration from the supercar’s air intake grille, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner delivers a stylish design that represents speed and passion.
Moreover, the hollowed-out watch lug increases the contact area with the air when running, so that it is sweat resistant and breathable, which results in a more comfortable wearing experience. The antibacterial silicone watchstrap that comes with the smartwatch also has good water-resistance. Even with the unique design, the weight of the entire watch body is as light as 38.5g.
On the inside, the brain of the whole operation is a fitness system named HUAWEI TruSport. Which uses algorithms to accurately collect and interpret various physical indicators generated by the human body during running. This is done with the help of a new HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology, which brings a newly upgraded heart rate module, 8 PDs in a circular arrangement, enhanced dynamic heart rate monitoring, more signal input, and an overall improved heart rate monitoring accuracy. You also get precise SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation), sleep and stress monitoring features.
The watch even logs in environmental data, thanks to a vast sensor array, which includes GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS. In addition, it also has a built-in Dual-Band Five-System GNSS positioning chip with a suspended hidden antenna that hides the positioning antenna in the lugs made of polymer fibre material. This reduces the interference of positioning signal caused by metal material. The innovative design improves the performance of the GPS antenna by 135% compared with the traditional design.
All this data is then combined, compiled, and analysed to generate usable information such as training load, RAI, recovery time and weather, among others. The algorithms that do that are being continually tweaked for optimal performance at the new 4680m HUAWEI Health lab facility in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, China. The new HUAWEI Health Lab represents a breakthrough in R&D project that will support more than 80 types of testing requests for R&D personnel in fields such as professional research, ecosystem co-development, and health and fitness scenario incubation.
The lab us run by an extensive professional team, ranging from sports science researchers to medical experts, and from data acquisition engineers to algorithm engineers. These experts cover biology, sports training, medicine, software engineering, algorithm engineering, test engineering, biological engineering, applied sensor technology research, and more. They work round the clock to ensure you get the latest software updates needed to keep the system running smoothly.
In addition to the sports related features, you also get basic smartwatch features like support for Bluetooth calls, and a local storage space which can store up to 500 songs. In addition, you can always receive, read and reply to SMS messages right form your wrist. On the whole, it is a comprehensive fitness watch experience, which will set you back around AED 1,299. Thankfully, you will also get gifts worth AED 598 including: HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 and HUAWEI FreeLace, with this purchase.
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