iPhone 14 Rumors & Leaks

iPhone 14 Rumors & Leaks

It may feel like a blink of an eye, but we’re already halfway through the year, and with the relentless passage of time, we have once again reached that time of year when the tech world starts preparing itself for Apple’s new lineup of iPhones. With WWDC 2022 just a week away, and iPhone models getting price cuts in certain countries, it only makes sense to begin speculating on what is in store for us, just around the corner.

With this goal in mind, we have scoured the web for the most reliable rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming iPhone 14 series, to help you make up your mind on whether the next big iPhone upgrade may be worth it or not. A lot of these rumors are based on the leaks themselves, although a lot of independent sources have come forward to give credibility to these claims. Only time will tell how accurate they turn out to be, but for now, let us take a look at what we expect will be the highlights of the new models.

iPhone 14 Render Leaks

Before we go any further, it only makes sense that we at least show you the leaks first, so you can get a frame of reference in terms of design and specific features. One of the first things to leak in relation to the iPhone 14 was the screen guard schematics.

As you can see, this in itself is a huge leak, as it confirms the existence of a new iPhone model, named iPhone Max. In addition, we also see a change in the notch placement, which now has not one, but two configurations shared between the four models. We get a better look at these camera modules in a newer leak, which features the CAD drawings of the iPhone, as seen here.

Based on these designs, other renders have come forward, which showcase the new iPhone in much more clarity. Of course, these are computer renders, so we can’t exactly verify their level of accuracy. But so far, the design seems to be on par with Apple’s unique aesthetic.

This gives us a much more detailed look at the updated bezels, the different camera cutout styles, as well as the individual components that will feature in either configuration. Based on just these three leaks, we can draw the following conclusion about the upcoming iPhone launches:

iPhone 14 Max will Replace the Mini

The iPhone mini was a great piece of hardware that showcased that Apple could still deliver a similar experience in a smaller form factor. It is exactly what the iPhone SE should have been, and with both models featuring the same processor, it seems a lot of potential customers were left wondering just that. This inadvertently cannibalized the sales of the iPhone mini, as most people weren’t willing to pay the extra premium just for the updated display and cameras. Apple seems to have seen the writing on the wall as well, which is why they are now looking to replace the ‘Mini’ model with the ‘Max’, which will retain the large notch design but with a bigger display.

Older A15 Bionic Chipset for Cheaper iPhone 14 Models

Another differentiation that will further the gap between the cheaper and more expensive models will be the chipset in use. The cheaper models that feature the older notch design will also get the older A15 Bionic chipset that is already in use. It is still a very versatile and capable processor that can handle almost anything you throw at it. So, it is less of a downgrade, and more of a subtle prompt by the company that you will only get what you pay for, and it seems the price of a base model iPhone is not enough to get the best that they have to offer.

New A16 Chipset will retain 5nm Manufacturing

For the extra price you pay for the pro models, you will now get a new chipset, in the form of the much-awaited A16. We expect another 20-30% jump in performance and efficiency, just like the previous model had over the A14. Mostly, because the company seems to be retaining the 5nm manufacturing process for this particular chipset, instead of moving to 4nm as hoped. This means that we will only incremental upgrades in performance until the new platform is ready for mass deployment.

New Hole-Punch Design

The company is planning to give users an easy way to differentiate between the cheaper and more expensive iPhone models, thanks to the introduction of the hole-punch notch. Even though we haven’t gotten an official confirmation regarding this particular rumor, but all leaks so far suggest it to be true. This is something that users have been asking for a long time, and by now, it seems a bit too little too late, as other brands have already moved on to under-display cameras and sensors. Still, any change to the current notch design is still welcome, and we can’t wait to see how it changes the overall multimedia experience.

Better Cameras

Other than the display and performance, the one thing that Apple always pays the most attention to, is the cameras. With the new avatar, the Pro and Pro Max models are also expected to get new cameras, both front and back. Apple’s selfie cameras have always been a point of contention, and it seems that users will finally get a larger sensor and proper autofocus this year. In the rear, you might get a larger 48MP main camera, along with the usual assortment of secondary sensors. While there are rumors of a periscope telephoto lens as well, they are still a bit vague, so it may or may not happen until the iPhone 15 or beyond.

USB-C Charging

Another feature that we are a bit vague on, is the introduction of USB-C charging and file transfer with the new iPhone. This is the only product in their lineup that still uses the lightning port, and we can’t wait to see this change happen. With the EU looking to standardize smartphone charging, this shift cannot come at a better time, as high-speed charging is also starting to really get superfast. We can only imagine what Apple will do with their own application of this technology considering how conservative they have been so far in their charging speeds.

We will have to wait and see how many of these predictions come true. Once WWDC rolls around, and Apple gives us a full preview of iOS 16, we will have a much better idea of what we can expect from the next generation of iPhones. Until then, this is all just speculation for fun, and if you have any fun facts or rumors of your own, do share them with us. After all, there’s no fun in gossiping alone.

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