Kingston Launches New Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB RAM

Kingston Launches New Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB RAM

Kingston has long been a world leader in memory products and technology solutions. Their products deliver nearly unmatched performance, at pretty affordable prices. This is why they often remain a brand of preference for budget conscious gamers. Even for people looking for something extra, Kingston has a lot of offer under their FURY sub-brand.

Kingston FURY is actually the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company. They created it to host special high-performance products that can compete with the best in the market. Today, they announced the release of a new member of the FURY family, in the form of the Beast DDR5 RGB memory modules.

You can get the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB in single modules of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacity, as well as kits of 2 in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations. No matter which option you pick, the modules have enough power and speed to serve all your computing needs. In fact, the company is so confident in their performance, that they offer a limited lifetime warranty as a sign of Kingston’s legendary reliability.

But what truly separates these modules from others available on the market, is that they are the first DDR5 modules that can break 10,000MT/s. Even though the base frequencies still hover in the lower range, with options available for 4800MT/s, 5200MT/s, 5600MT/s, and 6000MT/s write speeds.

This means that you can easily overclock these memory modules straight out of the box. In fact, the lower 4800MT/s versions don’t even need you to enable the overclocking. As they feature Kingston’s unique Plug N Play technology, which automatically overclocks without having to select a profile.

Higher frequency modules are certified with Intel XMP 3.0, so you have a lot more options when it comes to selecting and locking in the speed, timings, and voltage settings. In addition to the certification, the modules are also qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers, so you won’t face a lot of compatibility issues when updating your existing system.

Along with the performance presets, you can also pick from various RGB lighting effects, which are controlled through their proprietary Kingston FURY CTRL software. This software features a library of preset patterns and lighting effects for easy aesthetic change. Kingston’s patented FURY Infrared Sync Technology helps ensure that whatever preset you select, plays out perfectly every time. Highlighted by a new heat spreader design that provides bright and smooth illumination.

All of this and more, makes these new FURY Beast modules a no-brainer choice for all gaming enthusiasts. Stay tuned to learn more about their price, availability, and performance of these modules in our detailed review.

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