Samsung Bespoke 14 Person Dishwasher Launched

Samsung has launched a new dishwasher model under its popular Bespoke lineup that can hold up to 14 utensils at the same time and features a hot air drying mode.

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Tue Jan 24, 2023 - 18:14

Samsung Bespoke Dishwasher Launched

With AI Functionality

Samsung Electronics, a leader in consumer technology, has unveiled a new, sophisticated Bespoke dishwasher for the domestic market. The new 14-person Samsung Bespoke dishwasher is larger than earlier models and incorporates AI capability. The new Samsung Bespoke model is the first dishwasher in Korea to earn the AI+ certification from the Korea Standards Association.


Initial Release

The Samsung Bespoke dishwashing type has seen multiple revisions since its initial release in 2020. The local market has responded positively to it, and the new product might be no different. The amount of dishes that the dishwasher can hold is in compliance with the current efficiency and regulatory criteria. The dishwasher offers a storage layout designed with Korean culture in mind, just like the other Bespoke appliances.

New Features

The capacity of the new dishwasher from the Samsung Bespoke range has increased despite maintaining the same exterior size as its predecessor. The new Bespoke dishwasher has the capacity to wash up to 14 pieces of tableware. It has a Max Flex 3-tier basket that enables the middle and top baskets to easily rise and fall. As a result, it allows for the effective loading of varied dinnerware sizes and types.

AI-customized dishwashing is also offered by the new Bespoke dishwasher. It can automatically detect contaminated dinnerware and change the temperature, water flow, spray pressure, and other settings. In order to suggest frequently used washing patterns, it also gains knowledge from the washing process. The user is given the most information possible for the best cleaning through its interactive notification panel. To offer more cleaning options, Samsung Electronics has made it possible to get it connected to the SmartThings app.

Hot Air Drying

It has a 100-degree Celsius Hot Air Drying+ mode for speedy utensil drying. For hot air drying, it has three settings: Normal, Strong, and Max Select. The dishwasher is now available in True Built-in and Kitchen Fit Built-in configurations. It complements the design of the kitchen.

Price & Availability

The cost of the Samsung Bespoke dishwasher ranges from $1,049 to $1,455, depending upon the variant. It is only available in the domestic Korean market for the time being. But it is expected to expand in the international market very soon.