LG Introduces “Top Freezer” Lineup

LG Introduces “Top Freezer” Lineup

LG Electronics (LG) is a multi-national conglomerate that offers high-quality products across almost all categories of home appliances and lifestyle products. One of the most popular categories amongst their offerings are their refrigerators, which often offer unique features and superior performance for their price segment. One of the latest examples of this is the brand new “Top Freezer” lineup of refrigerators that the company has just unveiled.

This new series features upgraded performance and design innovations, like the proprietary DoorCooling technology, which features a strategically placed vent to improve airflow on every shelf and door from. Thus, cooling food faster while also the keeping drinks in the door area nice and cold. Another new innovation is LinearCooling, which promises to reduce temperature fluctuations. This is one of the main causes of food spoilage and if managing properly, can extend the freshness of perishable food up to 7 days.

This function is aided by the Hygiene Fresh air purification system, which helps to eliminate harmful bacteria commonly found inside refrigerators. Even the process of demanding energy from the grid for these cooling functions has been dynamically upgraded, thanks to an energy-efficient Smart Inverter Compressor, which reduces energy consumption by regulating cooling power based on the amount of stored food and the inside and the ambient temperature.

Thankfully, all of these improvements come without sacrificing any interior space, which is more than enough at 300 to 400 liters. Even if you need more, you can always remove the moving ice maker to free up space in the freezer. The company has made an effort to keep the whole experience as hassle free as possible. In fact, even if there is an issue with the refrigerator, all you need to do is refer to the Smart Diagnosis system, which let’s call center representatives quickly diagnose most problems without even having to make a house visit. 

This focus on seamless performance is also evident in the design language, as the Top Freezer lineup get a minimalist, premium look, with a flat door design that features a pocket handle with a built-in appearance, to make the whole thing blend-in with any interior. You can get all models in platinum silver and dark graphite steel from LG showrooms, authorized retailers, and hyper markets in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

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