LG Launches A Portable Monitor for their LG Gram Model

LG Launches A Portable Monitor for their LG Gram Model

Multitasking has always been a sought-after quality, in terms of both people and technology, and any piece of tech that improves a person’s ability to multitask is considered a godsend. A few decades ago, when things were more analogue, this meant having a bunch of files open at the same time your desk, as you surround yourself with multiple chalkboards and post-it notes to keep track of all the things you need to do.

Today, when everything is digital, that scatter has found its way onto our computer screens, to the point where just one is not enough to be truly productive. This is why you often see professional people stringing two or even three monitors with their desktop units, just so they can see all the programs that they need to interact with.

This is a simply solution for people working in an office, as they can simply get a bigger desk to accommodate the added clutter. But what about people who have to remain on-the-go, and often invest in an expensive laptop to act as their personal workhorse. They can’t just lug around an extra screen wherever they go, or can they?

This was the string of consciousness that led to the introduction of the “+view”, a first-ever portable monitor from the upcoming 2022 LG gram lineup of premium laptops. Designed to double productivity, the LG gram “+view” allows users to customize their own setup any place, any time.

Premium Display
One of the hardest things to do is find two different monitors that can match each other’s clarity, resolution and color reproduction. As even a slight deviation can result in completely different viewing experience. This is why the company has made sure to keep the display as close as possible to the one’s found in their premium laptops.

You get a 16-inch monitor with 16:10 aspect ratio, which features a WQXGA high resolution and DCI PC 99% wide color gamut output, for a truly immersive visual experience. Thus, allowing users to enjoy vivid colors with lifelike clarity. When placed next to the LG Gram 16 laptop, it creates a larger 32:10 aspect ratio IPS canvas to meet users’ diverse needs. This allows them to see every detail without scrolling or enlarging the screen. What is more, the anti-glare IPS display reduces reflections that tend to distract users, making it easier to work from anywhere, regardless of ambient light conditions.

Enhanced Multitasking
The LG gram +view is designed to meet all the needs of today’s multitaskers. Users can customize the device with effective on-screen controls, including split screen and monitor settings designed to keep them focused. The screen can also be shared with colleagues in a meeting or with peers in the classroom. So, they can share content from their own devices, without having to take over yours.

The device is even smart enough to recognize what kind of content you are trying to watch, and automatically adjusts itself to showcase it best. This means you can easily rotate the display in horizontal or vertical orientation, and benefit from a different perspective.

Compact for Better Mobility
Portability is a must for leading an on-the-go lifestyle and the +view is designed to facilitate exactly that. The LG gram 16 and the LG Gram +view combined weigh less than 2kg, without a detachable cover. This makes it easy to carry it around in a normal backpack. Even when fully deployed, the setup takes a minimal amount of space, by combining sleek design and ultra-lightweight form. Users get the freedom to easily carry and use it in any environment without sacrificing performance. What is more, there is no need to worry about connecting devices as the LG gram +view can be connected seamlessly with a laptop by using USB Type-C ports present on both sides of the monitor.

This also means that you can string up multiple +view displays on either side of your laptop, to create a truly comprehensive screen-scape. Although that would be a bit of an expensive endeavor, considering that a single LG gram +view will feature a starting price of 1099 AED.

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