LG Puricare 360 Air Purifier Assures A Healthy Surrounding And Air Quality 

LG Puricare 360 Air Purifier Assures A Healthy Surrounding And Air Quality 

DUBAI, XX February 2022 – Poor indoor air quality is one of the top-most concerns to public health. Indoor air quality is dependent on many factors, and contaminants include leaking ducts, poor ventilation, construction, dust, pets and more. With LG’s all new air purifier, PuriCare 360, users get to breathe in clean, pure, and fresh air in their homes. 

Asthma and Allergy Friendly 

This part of the world has its unique set of challenges in terms of weather. Leaving windows open to let various pollutants enter is one of the biggest contributors to poor indoor air quality. Breathing and spending time in polluted air can cause difficulty in breathing and significantly increase the risk of asthma and other respiratory problems. LG’s PuriCare 360° models are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). AS60GDWV0 and AS95GDWV0 are the latest LG appliances that help enhance indoor air quality.

360° Purification

LG PuriCare is a combination technology of a fan and air purifiers. Unlike most air purifiers, the LG PuriCare 360° has a fan design that allows it to refresh the air even across large areas. The device has a Clean Booster feature which delivers clean air across 360°, including near the floor where children and pets are. This innovative device can deliver fresh air for around 7.5 meters.

Six Step Filtration thanks to HEPA Allergy Care Filters

The PuriCare 360° comes with a HEPA filtration system that is designed to trap 99.97% of the ultra-fine dust in its surroundings. While it has only two filters, this powerful purifier can detect and catch 6 different types of allergens, contaminants, and pollutants. This unique multi-filter system allows users to breathe purer, cleaner air. Additionally, it has a deodorization filter which effectively removes odours, smoke, smog and airborne chemicals.

Smart Indicator

The best part about the LG PuriCare 360° Air Purifier users can tweak the setting using the LG SmartThinQ™ app anytime, no matter where they are. The air purifier is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so users can also adjust the setting with just a voice command.

Easy Detection

Smart home appliances are often difficult to use for people who aren’t very tech-savvy – this problem goes away with the LG PuriCare 360° Air Purifier. It has an intelligent LED indicator system installed which changes color, from red to orange to yellow to green, to help display the exact status of the indoor air quality. For users, this means a single glance can be enough to check the improving air quality.  

LG is a pioneer in clean air solutions and has been working towards creating solutions for a healthy, hygienic life. LG’s PuriCare 360° is a revolutionary range of air purifiers tha has been designed keeping the customers’ needs a priority.

Buy LG PuriCare 360° Models Here:

LG PuriCare Single Tower: Retailing at 2,299 AED at ACE, Carrefour, Emax, Lulu, Jackys & Sharaf DG, and all online stores.

LG PuriCare Double Tower: Retailing at 3,999 AED at ACE, Carrefour, Emax, Lulu, Jackys & Sharaf DG, and all online stores.

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