LG Retrofit Air Solution Provides Unmatched Savings And Cooling Even In Peak Summer

LG Retrofit Air Solution Provides Unmatched Savings And Cooling Even In Peak Summer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, MAY 12, 2022 – The intense heat will necessitate a large enough airflow and strong enough air conditioner to keep homes pleasant and cool as the UAE summer draws near. Many previous air conditioners deliver bad cooling at an exorbitant cost, with a track record of breakdowns. Additionally, the high power cost and the time it takes for the air conditioner to cool a room can make summer unpleasant and uninteresting for everyone. As a result, LG Electronics’s (LG) top priority is to understand how important it is for customers to get quality, energy-efficient solutions that satisfy their expectations through performance, efficiency, and cost savings. The LG Electronics Retrofit air solution is designed to provide optimum solutions for keeping every house cool with cutting-edge technology.

Offers quick and easy replacement

With an optimized inverter system that uses a more efficient inverter and cooling fins, business owners may save up to 50% on energy each year with a retrofit air conditioner. Customers may also recycle the existing pipes to save money throughout the installation process. The LG Inverter Air Conditioners not only provide greater energy efficiency, but they also have a more environmentally friendly design. The inverter compressor adjusts the operation range automatically once it reaches a specific temperature that the consumer desires, improving comfort at the same time. Last but not least, by replacing indoor and outdoor units with an inverter system while reusing existing pipes to save both time and money. This improves efficiency and provides the customer peace of mind that they are saving energy while remaining cool.

Upgrade performance and switch to a new design

The LG Retrofit air solution, which includes the LG 5-step air purification system, manages indoor air quality. Customers may now breathe cleaner air thanks to washable semi-permanent filters that make it easier to clean. Business owners may choose to upgrade their existing, smaller capacity unit by choosing a larger capacity one that is the same size. Multiple devices and connect to each other if they wish to improve. The sleek design of the LG ThinQ Smart Air Conditioner ensures that it looks great in any home. The LG ThinQ Smart Air Conditioner is controlled from anywhere using the LG ThinQ App, which is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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