LG PLAYMOBIL Collectibles Teased at IFA 2022

LG has unveiled a whole series of special toys in partnership with PLAYMOBIL to showcase their range of miniature LG appliances to children.

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Monday September 19, 2022

LG PLAYMOBIL Collectibles Teased

Exclusive Toy Figures Introduced AT IFA 2022

LG has collaborated with PLAYMOBIL to unveil an exclusive collection of LG-themed toys at IFA 2022 in Berlin. The range features adorable human figures, along with miniature versions of various LG appliances. These toys will be available from next year at a series of online and offline events that will focus on showcasing the F.U.N (First, Unique and New) customer centric approach from LG.


For now, the collection is on display in the Lifestyle zone at LG’s booth at the IFA Show. It features three brand-new character figures created by LG and PLAYMOBIL. There’s the safety-conscious, and always-ready-to-help Henry (a.k.a. ‘LG Man’), the popular kitchen and lifestyle influencer Nora, and the fashion-forward J. J. Kids can play as any of these characters and interact with a whole slew of miniature-scale LG appliances, including washing machines, InstaView ovens and InstaView refrigerators, and the all-in-one WashTower.

The company itself will be maintaining a social media presence just to showcase these possible playtimes. They will be posting digital skits and clips that will be featured on the company’s official Instagram account, Life’s Good Kitchen.