Razer Instinct Collection Unveiled with Nomad Duffel Bag

The Instinct collection is the first athleisure release from the brand, with unique styles and fabrics chosen specifically for fitness conscious gamers.

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Thursday September 29, 2022

Razer Instinct Apparel Collection Unveiled

Alongside Nomad Duffel Bag

Razer is not just a gaming peripheral brand. It also has a robust lifestyle section, where it often releases exclusive and trendy apparel and merchandise for gamers. Today, they announced another such exclusive gamer gear drop, which marks their first foray into the athleisure segment, with the launch of their new Instinct Collection. This range of fitness oriented gaming apparel was launched alongside a new Nomad Duffel Bag, designed for gamers on the go.


Instinct Collection

This unique collection features various products for both male and female gamers, including a t-shirt, tank top, shorts, sports bra and high-rise leggings. Since it is made with fitness and gaming enthusiasts in mind, it features a special lightweight and breathable fabric, which allows for two and four ways stretch. It is also sweat-wicking to help keep gamers dry and cool during intense workouts and gaming sessions alike.

The brand has worked hard to keep the fit soft and non-restrictive, so it can easily be worn as a set or even layered with other casual wear items. What makes the lineup truly unique is the use of the iconic Razer black and green colour scheme, which is interspersed with the brand’s iconic THS logo, wordmark, and tagline - For Gamers. By Gamers.

Nomad Duffel Bag

The Nomad Duffel bag matches the aesthetic of the Instinct collection completely, with a shiny look and the unique green and black colour scheme. It is also a pretty robust and durable offering that is made with an abrasion-resistant material, which is also water-repellent. To ensure that all your gaming equipment is carried safely, it features a dual mesh pocket with a cord stopper for well-ventilated storage. In addition, you get multiple internal slip pockets for added space and easy organization. In order to ensure that you aren't weighed down by the load, there is a special two-way carry mechanism with detachable shoulder straps and elastic fastening bands.

Price & Availability

Both of these releases can be found and bought at Razer's online website and select retail stores. The only caveat is that the Instinct collection will not be available for sale in China, while the Nomad Duffel bag will only be available in North America. The prices for all the items are listed below.

Instinct Sports Bra: $79.99 USD / 89.99€
Instinct Female Tank Top: $59.99 USD / 69.99€
Instinct High-Rise Leggings: $79.99 USD / 89.99€
Instinct Male Tank: $59.99 USD / 69.99€
Instinct Tee: $59.99 USD / 69.99€
Instinct Shorts: $69.99 USD / 79.99€

Razer Nomad Duffel Bag: $69.99 USD