MyCandy Introduces A New Bundle Of Solutions For Fitness Enthusiasts This Ramadan

MyCandy Introduces A New Bundle Of Solutions For Fitness Enthusiasts This Ramadan

Dubai – April 21st, 2022 – The leading mobile phone accessories brand in the United Arab Emirates, MyCandy, has just launched its new Fitness Bundle with four items that are ideal for people who wish to maintain their fitness levels while fasting. The new MyCandy Fitness Bundle is the ideal way to stay in shape throughout Ramadan. The company’s objective is to focus on selling high-quality, yet practical items to its clients. MyCandy offers customers excellent value for their money, with a primary focus on worldwide accessory categories and the goal of meeting customer requirements by surpassing them.

The Smart Fitness Tracker is the first product in the Fitness Bundle, which includes a variety of modern devices to help devotees track their fast during the holy period of Ramadan. This gadget measures your heart rate, sleep cycles, footstep count, and stress levels while still being relatively inexpensive. It has up to 30 different workout settings, is water-resistant, and works with magnetic chargers. This is a small device with a magnetic charging clip and an easy-to-use user guide. This gadget has a modern, sleek design that makes it appropriate for work, Ramadan activities, and especially workouts.

The MyCandy Fitness Bundle also includes the MyCandy 45mm Stainless Steel Lifestyle Smartwatch, a useful gadget that is both smart and fashionable. It will definitely improve your fitness experience during Ramadan’s holy month. The smartwatch has a stylish design with IP67 water and dust resistance capabilities, as well as a variety of functions, including smart health tracking all day. The IPS screen, rotating button control features, alarm clock, interchangeable bands, and Bluetooth microphone call functionalities are included in the Stainless Steel Lifestyle Smartwatch. It is also rechargeable and has a standby time of three days, allowing customers to get through a lot of use before having to recharge it. The MyCandy 45mm Smartwatch includes a magnetic charging cable, 1 sports band, and a user manual to help customers get the most out of their purchase during Ramadan.

The MyCandy Smart Bottle Black is a particularly useful third product in the wonderful Fitness Bundles. This gadget is ideal for people who want to quench their thirst during workouts or after iftar or suhoor. The Smart Water Bottle is a long-lasting insulated stainless steel bottle that keeps water hot for a long time. The container has a bright LED display on the lid, allowing users to keep track of their water’s temperature via an aesthetically pleasing perspective. This gadget uses UV light technology to purify water in only 1 minute. It also has the ability to send drinking notifications, so customers may remember to drink the amounts of water they require on a regular basis. This is why it’s the ideal thing for people who need to stay hydrated throughout Ramadan since it can store 450 millilitres of water.

The MyCandy Weight Scale Black is the last product in the Fitness Bundle, for individuals who are concerned about gaining or maintaining weight during Ramadan. The holy month is famous for its wide selection of delectable food, but this product is ideal for keeping people on track with their weight and fitness goals. The MyCandy Scale is equipped with smart technology and has metal electrodes that help it automatically assess body impedance. This enables the scale to provide precise Body Mass Index and weight measurements. Users may keep track of their weight and maintain their healthy lifestyle using the app by seeing Muscle, fat, and past weight changes. The scale can weigh up to 180 kg and comes in a stylish contemporary design.

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