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Dell Transparent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Launched

With an entirely transparent casing, RGB lights, and a switch body made specifically for Jiadalng, Dell has released their latest transparent mechanical gaming keyboard. The 82-key Dell transparent gaming keyboard has a fresh design and appeal to it. The Jiadalong wallaby and rac...

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Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition Launched

The Viper Mini Signature Edition, the lightest gaming mouse from Razer, was unveiled today. It is one of the lightest mice we would have encountered from a major firm at only 49g, 16 percent lighter than the Viper V2 Pro from the same manufacturer. It can be a wonderful addition ...

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Lenovo ThinkView Plus Launched

In a crowded market, smart displays have found it a little difficult to establish themselves. Companies have been looking for use that sticks around, from the Facebook Portal videoconferencing display and Amazon Echo Show 15 to a line of desktop-sized smart monitors from Samsung....

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Western Digital Ultrastar DC HS760 20TB Launched

Western Digital has released its first two actuator hard disc drives recently, matching rival Seagate Exos drives, which employ a related technology. Building on the successful single-actuator Ultrastar DC HC560 drive, the twin-actuator Ultrastar DC HS760 20TB HDD virtually doubl...

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AOC P3 Monitors Announced

The monitor lineup for the AOC P3 has been recently revealed. The size of the new monitors ranges from 24 inches to 34 inches, and they have refresh rates of up to 100Hz. The new AOC P3 range of professional monitors comes in three sizes. Let us have a closer look at them....

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Insiders Access Program Launched

The market for mobile processors is still experiencing intense competition. Companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek continue to look for ways to fit CPUs into more smartphones while also developing products with improved performance. The actual path to smartphones, though, is throug...

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Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 Mini LED Monitor Launched

At CES 2023, Samsung unveiled a number of new gaming monitors, including the 49-inch Odyssey OLED G9 and the 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9. The 43-inch Odyssey Neo G7 (G70NC) is the release that Samsung has been holding back until now. They released it recently, and it is touted to be o...

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Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station Launched

A monitor stand that also functions as a USB-C docking station has been introduced by the electronics giant Anker as yet another creative gadget. More than simply a monitor stand, the Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station is a multipurpose hub that may help you organise your workplace ...

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Kingston Server Premier DDR5 RDIMMs Launched

Earlier today, the 64GB, 32GB, and 16GB Server Premier DDR5 4800MT/s were introduced by Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology Company, Inc. The 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor was used to validate these registered DIMMs, which were fo...

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ViewSonic VG56V Series Monitors Launched

To hide the front camera cutouts from the displays and to offer a totally immersive experience, pop-up cameras are a revolutionary idea that has been previously implemented in smartphones. But the intricate mechanism and tiny equipment required to operate these pop-up cameras led...

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