BenQ Launches Monitors at 2022 Dubai Esports Festival

Benq was present at the recently held 2022 Dubai Esports Festival, where they showcased four new gaming monitors that join its popular Mobiuz and Zowie lineup.

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Wednesday November 23, 2022

BenQ at 2022 Dubai Esports Festival

Four Flagship Gaming Monitors Launched

BenQ was present at the Dubai Esports Festival 2022 held this past weekend, where they were busy showcasing some new gaming monitors that will join the already expansive MOBIUZ and ZOWIE flagship series sold by the famous tech brand. They spend the time hosting exciting esports tournaments for a variety of games so that players can get a chance to experience the products in person.


Dubai Esports Festival 2022

The Dubai eSports Festival was easily one of the biggest gaming events held in the entire Middle East this year, where lots of general gaming enthusiasts and professional esports players alike took part in a variety of competitions to win amazing prices. It was a community event, with millions of online players joining the live streams of the in-person event that already drew in thousands of visitors across the four days (10th - 13th November) of festivities.

The festival also featured a separate Game Expo, where various brands showed off their latest esports-focused products and peripherals. BenQ was one of the featured brands, situated in stand GE-01, where they had displays and experience zones for their latest Esports monitors. One of the models even got the honour of being the official monitor for the PUBG Global Championship 2022, which was held during the festival at the same location.

Gaming Tournaments

In addition to the official championships, BenQ itself hosted a variety of esports tournaments where the monitors on showcase were used as official gaming gear. Each model was featured in a separate gaming event, with both Mobiuz and Zowie series getting multiple tournaments to show off their latest technological advantages. For the Mobiuz series, the events in question were a Tekken 7 Beat The Pro Challenge, in addition to multiple FIFA 23 and Smash Tournaments.

The Zowie series was shown off in multiple events as well, each of which attracted top esports players to the venue. For example, Geekay Esports was present for the Valorant tournament, HopeDaBe4st attended the CS:GO tournament, and Scytes Esports competed in the Fortnite tournament. The atmosphere was so exciting that even celebrities like Jake Paul and AboFlah took the time to visit the stand and interact with the competitors.

BenQ MOBIUZ Series

The brand took this opportunity to show off three new models for the popular Mobiuz series, featuring the EX480UZ, EX270M, and EX270QM models. The EX480UZ is BenQ's first esports monitor that comes with a 48-inch 4K OLED panel, which features a 120Hz refresh rate and 0.1ms response time. You even get True 10-bit colour reproduction and True Black HDR 400 support. The model also features FreeSync Premium and BenQ's HDRi technology, as well as a KVM switch, scenario mapping with remote control, light tuner, and treVolo speakers.

The EX270M and EX270QM models take the esports theme to the next level, with up 240Hz refresh rate and lightning-fast 1ms GtG. Both models feature a 27-inch ISP display with FHD and QHD resolutions, respectively. With the EX270M, you also get two 2.1 channels and a 5W subwoofer treVolo audio system. At the same time, the EX270QM features a VESA HDR600 certification, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, as well as VRR compatibility for last-generation gaming consoles. Both models share scenario mapping, remote control and light tuner capabilities.

BenQ ZOWIE Series

The Zowie series, on the other hand, only received one new addition in the form of the XL2566K, which is the world's first TN 360Hz DyAc+ ZOWIE eSports Monitor. ZOWIE is BenQ's e-Sports specialist sub-brand, which is famous for the DyAc⁺ Technology, which dramatically reduces any motion blur. It also has a special XL Setting to Share tool that allows sharing display settings with others by sending them as a profile.

To prove the prowess of this technology, the company even used the 240Hz XL2546K as the official gaming monitor of the PUBG World Championship, as mentioned above. The new XL2566K will take this competition to a new level by pushing the limits to 360Hz. Thankfully, both series also features the latest industry-leading Eye-Care technologies, which will ensure a flicker-free and low blue light experience even at such fast-paced gaming.

Price and Availability

This was the first showcase of these new monitors, so we don't have all the details regarding the pricing of each model. But we can expect them to start popping up on the company website, as well as official retailers, in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned for all the updates about the expected starting price, as well as any deals that might come with the official launch.