OnePlus Mechanical Keyboard Teased

OnePlus has teased that they will be entering the PC peripherals market with the introduction of the upcoming OnePlus mechanical keyboard, developed with Keychron.

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Tue Dec 6, 2022 - 16:00

OnePlus Keyboard Teased

New And Exciting Mechanical Keyboard

The mobile maker giant OnePlus is not unknown to anyone. Recently at an event, OnePlus announced something really exciting. The company said that they are planning to enter the mechanical keyboard market. It will be built in collaboration with popular keyboard manufacturer Keychron.


Claimed Benefits

OnePlus wants to make sure that its mechanical keyboard is durable and appropriate for various work settings. Some of the issues in the other mechanical keyboard models, like cluttering, not a good design, expensive price, no customisation etc., are addressed in this keyboard design, which will improve gaming and productivity where earlier mechanical keyboards have dissatisfied customers. It will be fully customisable, which the user can put according to his/her preference.


Some of the features of the OnePlus Keyboard will allow for a neat desk, offer a low-profile ergonomic solution, offer a variety of keyboard feel options via switch selection, and more. It will also provide accessibility, have a low-profile and compact design, will be wireless and will have the benefit of Bluetooth communication across several platforms. There are also possibilities for a variety of mechanical switch types. There might be some other element of the design that is being kept under wraps for the time being, such as built-in touch controls or game controls that eliminate the need for a mouse.


OnePlus will officially announce the availability and price of this new Mechanical Keyboard on December 15. Details on its entering the international market will follow soon.