PUBG Mobile Enters into Content Partnership With TOD Entertainment

PUBG Mobile Enters into Content Partnership With TOD Entertainment

PUBG Mobile continues to be one of the world’s most popular mobile games, with millions of active players on both Android and iOS, playing together each day. To keep this momentum going, the company has made a habit of partnering with various other companies and brands, to bring unique IP, gifts, and content to the game.

Their latest partnership is with TOD, a new digital platform in MENA that is pioneering online content consumption. TOD is a subscription-based OTT platform, which offers more than 25,000 hours of premium entertainment and sports content. You can pick between Arabic, Turkish, and international content, with even further delineation between adult and children’s programming. In addition to a range of outstanding new TOD Originals, TOD also exclusively houses all of beIN Sports content. So, it makes sense why this partnership would seem so exciting.

PUBG Mobile fans can look forward to playing-to-win exciting rewards on TOD, in a special event that kicks off on the 25th of May. Players can play their favorite mobile game and unlock the rewards by completing game challenges. Winners will receive various tiers of packages to TOD (Entertainment, Sport, or All-In), depending on the challenges they complete, where they will have access to the platform’s world class content. The in-game event will go on for 3 days.

This strategic move aims to give PUBG Mobile players a chance to enjoy exclusive access to parts of the TOD platform. So, they can experience a whole new world of entertainment, while also feeling rewarded for playing their favorite game. Join the contest now, if you too want to take the chance and win big.

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