Samsung’s Power Cleaning Too, The Jet 60 Is Now Available In The UAE

Samsung’s Power Cleaning Too, The Jet 60 Is Now Available In The UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – March 31st, 2022 – Samsung Gulf Electronics has launched its latest addition to the brand’s smart vacuum appliances, the Samsung Jet 60 in the UAE. It in a compact, lightweight stick design, with a long-lasting battery life, and an outstanding Multi-layered Filtration System that reduces allergens and captures 99.999 percent of dust. With all this built in to make chores easy, fast, and effective – the high-performance upright vacuum cleaner has everything you need to clean like a pro! 

Effortless cleaning – Lightweight and battery-powered, this device is the ultimate cleaning companion for your home. This gadget’s ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand and minimizes wrist strain during cleaning. The handheld body weighs only 1.48kg, which is 21% lighter than regular Samsung cleaners and allows customers to clean all over their house with simple movements. For all new employees and students looking for a contemporary appliance that can go up against time and accomplish the task instantly, the Jet 60 is ideal.

Equipped for finer results – Customers will not have to worry about waste since Samsung’s unique Jet Cyclone technology ensures that clean air is released by the multi-cyclone design while the Multi-layered Filtration System captures fine dust and particles from escaping back into your home or the environment thanks to a sophisticated filtration system that traps 99.999 percent of fine dust while also reducing the presence of allergens.

A convenient solution for all surfaces – The Samsung Jet 60’s Digital Inverter Motor offers a strong input power of up to 410W, maintains a high level of energy efficiency, and creates powerful suction of up to 150W, therefore it cleans both carpets and hard floors effectively. The Jet Fit Brush is ideal for cleaning carpets and hard floors because of its 180 degree swivel head, which can easily pivot and clean every corner. The brush is also detachable, so you can conveniently clean it without having to worry about germs and bacteria.

A battery that can last – Consumers may now enjoy a longer cleaning time without having to recharge thanks to the Samsung Jet 60’s high-efficiency (2000mA) detachable and longer-lasting battery, and consumers can simply remove and replace it with a spare battery to clean for up to 80 minutes. It also has a 70 percent performance retention for up to 500 cycles, according on the company. Customers may store and charge their vacuum cleaner more conveniently using Samsung Jet 60’s 2-in-1 Charging Station, which can be easily adjusted to fit any house.

Auto-empty dustbin – The Clean Station, which comes with two washable dust bags and a self-cleaning dustbin, is included with the Jet 60. The inlet of the suction motor is opened and shut repeatedly by Air Pulse Technology, causing the air pressure to fluctuate like a heartbeat. Dust inside the dustbin is shaken away as the pulsating air currents shake it out completely.

The Samsung Jet 60 is a completely transparent ATE TV that comes in sophisticated violet and is available for purchase at a reduced price of 999 AED across the UAE from Samsung brand stores and major retailers, as well as on

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