Sony Unveils New Gaming Gear Brand “INZONE,” with the launch of Upgraded Monitors and Gaming Headsets

Sony Unveils New Gaming Gear Brand “INZONE,” with the launch of Upgraded Monitors and Gaming Headsets

Sony today announced the launch of their new gaming gear sub-brand called INZONE. The brand will host a variety of products, starting with a select few models of INZONE monitors, which feature incredible, high-resolution and high-dynamic range picture. But the real highlight will be the new headsets, which combine superior sound and 360 Spatial Sound for an enhanced gaming experience.

The new line will feature two new wireless headsets, the INZONE H9 with 32 hours of battery life and INZONE H7 with 40 hours of battery life, along with a wired headset, the INZONE H3. For optimal comfort during such long hours of continuous use, the headphones are equipped with a wide, soft headband cushion that spreads the weight evenly across the player’s head. The earpads are also shaped deliberately to minimize pressure on the player’s ears by optimizing contact with the side of their head.

This refreshing showcase of function over form continues inside the body as well, as the diaphragms of the INZONE H9 and INZONE H7 both have a unique shape that allows the headphones to reproduce extremely high frequency sounds with high compliance, as well as authentic low frequencies for an immersive gaming experience. Special ducts on the housing of the INZONE H9, INZONE H7 and INZONE H3 further control and optimize low-frequency sound reproduction for powerful bass that makes deep sounds seem incredibly real.

In addition to the superior sound and product design, Sony has also added their ‘360 Spatial Sound for Gaming’ to the mix. This feature can be activated by the INZONE Hub PC software, and it goes a long way in reproducing the perfect spatial sound out of multi-channel audio signals, just as the game creators intended. This accurate sound reproduction boosts spatial awareness, enabling the player to precisely hear footsteps and movements. For truly personalized gameplay, users can even use the ‘360 Spatial Sound Personaliser’ smartphone app to get the spatial sound optimized according to their specific ear shape.  

To make them even more productive for gamers, all three models are equipped with a flexible flip-up boom microphone with mute function, allowing users to communicate effortlessly in-game with squad members. To ensure complete immersion in the game, the INZONE H9 has multiple noise cancelling microphones that keep out any performance disturbing noise. Sony has also incorporated the same Dual Noise Sensor Technology used in the Industry-leading 1000X series headphones for better sound isolation and audio performance. Just make sure to leave the Ambient Sound Mode on, just in case you get a surprise visitor in the middle of an intense gaming session.

All these functions are supported on multiple platforms to give you the best gaming experience possible, with each system getting its own unique features as well. For example, the INZONE H9 and INZONE H7 include on-screen indication, so players can easily adjust settings on their headset and see the settings reflected on the screen in the PlayStation 5 Control Center. This includes gaming and chat balance, as well as options that allow players to change the volume balance between game audio and voice chat right from the headset. It also comes packed with third-party features, like support for Tempest 3D AudioTech, which allows players to enjoy greater spatial expression. 

For PC users, Sony’s INZONE Hub PC software similarly allows you access and control of all the features and settings pertaining to INZONE headsets, for easy customization of picture, and more importantly, sound. You can get all this and more, when the INZONE series of headphones officially launch in the Middle East & Africa region, from beginning of August 2022.


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