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Playstation 5 Jailbroken

Even though a lot of people consider video games to be something meant only for children, gaming is actually a multi-billion dollar global industry, with the PC and console gaming segments hosting hundreds of new AAA and indie titles each year. With the average price of a new gam...

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Twitter Edit Button Launched

Twitter users have been asking the platform to add an edit button to their interface for quite some time now. Recent rumours had been suggesting that the platform was working on finally giving in to those demands and releasing the feature to the public. Now, it seems that they ha...

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Cooler Master Synk X Gaming Chair

Cooler Master is a computing peripheral manufacturer that has just released a gaming chair called the Synk X. What makes this chair special is the addition of an integrated subwoofer unit, which converts sound waves into vibrations to deliver realistic haptic feedback to users wh...

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LG MAGNIT TV Series Launched

LG has announced the launch of its brand new MAGNIT series of premium home theatre TVs, with the MAGNIT 4K 136 inch display being the smallest and most affordable offering. The MAGNIT TVs are made up of multiple microLED panels that have been fit together using a proprietary cabl...

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Xiaomi Soft Wind Vertical AC 3HP Launched

Xiaomi has launched a new vertical air conditioning unit called the Xiaomi Soft Wind Vertical Air Conditioner 3HP. It is a highly efficient cooling and heating system which features various filtration systems for keeping the air and the machine clean and free of germs....

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BenQ EH620 Launched

BenQ has announced the launch of a one of a kind smart projector for business customers, called the BenQ EH620, which comes with an integrated Windows operating system and embedded Intel Celeron 4000 Series processor. Thus, it is a complete solution that provides the same securit...

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Google Stadia Discontinued

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service that was initially introduced by the company back in 2019 and was expected to bring accessible PC gaming to users across the world. To make this dream a reality, the company not only introduced specialized hardware that let gamers connect t...

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Lenovo Yoga Series Showcased

Lenovo just held a special launch event for their updated Yoga series of laptops, in collaboration with various local UAE based artists, who showcased unique art pieces inspired by the new line up. This event was held at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai and features various forms of digi...

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Sony FX30 Launched

Sony has launched the smallest and most affordable camera to be featured in their prestigious Cinema Line, called the FX30. This new model – ILME-FX30 – is a 4K Super 35 compact cinema camera that offers the latest in professional cinema features, such as Dual Base IS...

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Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 Pen Display Launched

Wacom has launched a new Cintiq Pro 27 pen display, which was built specifically for all sorts of creative professionals, such as 2D illustrators, 3D modellers, animators, game developers, virtual production artists, and other content creators. It features a brand new display and...

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