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GoPro Hero 11 Black Review

GoPro is a name that is synonymous with the action camera genre, as they were the first contender in that niche space. In the last 20 years, they have produced more than a dozen different versions of their action cameras, with the flagship Hero Black model remaining the dominant ...

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OnePlus Nord Buds Review

Wireless earphones are having a renaissance moment right now, with almost every technology brand imaginable offering multiple options in a variety of price ranges. For the entry level budget conscious consumer, there are lots of options available in the market, but very few that ...

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DJI Mini 3 Pro Review

Drone technology has improved a lot over the years, with modern drones being used for all sorts of personal, commercial, and even governmental purposes. In the consumer drone segment, a handful of companies compete for the top spot, with DJI firmly holding on to the crown with it...

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Dell XPS 13 Plus Review

For years now, Ultrabooks have been struggling to justify their existence. They started out as a sub segment of the laptop category, which focused on sleek aesthetics and ultra portability, often at the detriment of powerful internals. Moreover, with the focus being on form over ...

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Review

Apple is probably one of the few tech companies out there that follow a very strict design language that rarely changes between generations of devices. While minor changes happen with each update to accommodate certain new features, overall, much of what you get is still exactly ...

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Garlo X15 Wireless Earphones Reviewed

A good pair of earphones have always been a staple of the on-the-go music lovers collection. Whether you do not want to deal with the hassle of lugging around a pair of large over-the-ear headphones and their required case, or maybe you have problems related to wearing a heavy pa...

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review

The foldable phone segment is pretty nascent, with most models from most brands still on their first or second iteration. But, Samsung has been continuously innovating with the formula, with this being their fourth attempt at creating the perfect foldable device. The new Z Fold 4...

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review

When Samsung launched its range of foldable smartphones, the Fold series seemed like the more legitimate contender for the title of best foldable device. But over time, the Flip series started gaining more traction, as people began to appreciate the slim and sleek look of the ult...

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review

The latest launch event from Samsung was something of a mixed bag. Even though we got two new models of the Galaxy series smartwatch, the whole setup seemed to be more iterative rather than something entirely new. Still, for first time buyers, this latest version of Samsung weara...

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Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review

Xiaomi started as a company that offered budget-friendly smartphones with some of the latest and best internal components available in the market. They made this possible by buying components in bulk and being pretty aggressive with their pricing, which often follows a notoriousl...

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