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Stay up to date with the latest rumours, design and specification leaks, as well as future predictions about upcoming tech products and their launch events.

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Xiaomi Pad 6 Specs Leaked

The second quarter of 2023 is predicted to see the release of the Xiaomi Pad 6 series. The model numbers and names for the Pad 6 and 6 Pro were discovered in MIUI coding last month. The tablets have also started going through internal testing in Europe and Eurasia. Currently, the...

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Alienware Laptops With RTX 40 Series GPUs Coming Soon

The release date for the first laptops from Alienware equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards has been revealed. The business unveiled several 16-inch computers as well as a new 18-inch model at CES last month, and it has now provided information on pricing and ...

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OnePlus Pad Launch Confirmed

The OnePlus Pad, the first tablet from OnePlus, will officially launch on February 7. The new tablet, which will be unveiled at the company event called Cloud 11, is said to be of the best quality features and as good as all the OnePlus smartphone models. Let us have a look at it...

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OnePlus 11R Leaks

On February 7, OnePlus is anticipated to make announcements about a number of items during its Cloud 11 event, including the OnePlus 11 and Buds Pro 2. The OnePlus 11R also has been rumoured to debut on the same day. In the meantime, some specifications of the forthcoming 11R hav...

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Realme Teases Coca Cola Phone

Big companies in the food and beverage industries have recently partnered up with various smartphone makers. KFC being the first to tie up with HUAWEI, followed Pepsi, releasing their own Pepsi P1. The next limited-edition beverage-branded phone is being produced by Coca-Cola and...

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Huawei P60 Pro Specs Leaked

The new P60 series from Huawei is anticipated to debut in March. But lately, the style and appearance of the series have frequently been leaked. The regular P60 and more expensive P60 Pro are anticipated to be part of the new portfolio. The precise specifications of the Pro versi...

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Samsung Galaxy A24 Leaks

In August of last year, Samsung debuted the Galaxy A23 5G for the international market. It was formally announced during a big event. The business is already working on the Galaxy A24 series. The renders of the smartphone were leaked recently, revealing some of the features and s...

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Oppo Reno 8T Series Leaks

Oppo has been hinting for some time that the Oppo Reno 8T 4G and Reno 8T 5G would soon be available in the market. Several online retailer sites have started, including landing pages for both phones. The Reno 8T series will be released in many Asian countries. The Reno 8T series ...

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Samsung Lifelike Pixel OLED Technology Trademarked

Lifelike Pixels, a revolutionary display technology that Samsung just applied to the trademark, may provide higher colour fidelity and wider viewing angles than current OLED panels in the lineup of Samsung Products. This innovative technology can change the way OLED Displays func...

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Apple Patents Crack Resistant Foldable Display

Apple has always been very interested in foldable technology. The latest proof of that is that the corporation has recently been awarded a number of patents on the subject. The most recent US Patent and Trademark Office-issued patent proposes a foldable display that is intended t...

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