ViewSonic Launches The World’s First LED Projector with 3,000 Lumens

ViewSonic Launches The World’s First LED Projector with 3,000 Lumens

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12th May 2022 – The new LS500W/WHE and LS550W/WHE LED projectors from ViewSonic Corp., a world leader in visual solutions, are designed to complement each other. The new lamp-free projectors have 3rd generation LED technology that delivers higher brightness and energy efficiency, with less power consumption, longer longevity, and improved sustainability

Next-Gen LED Technology Enhances Brightness and Energy-Efficiency

With cutting-edge LED drivers and optical engines, the latest 3rd Generation LED technology enables the LS500W/WHE and LS550W/WHE LED projectors to produce consistently brilliant brightness of 2,000 ANSI Lumens in either lit or dimly lit environments. Both projectors offer true-to-life images with high contrast performance and provide 125 percent Rec.709 color coverage.                                                                   

The newest generation of Sony’s 4K projectors, the LS500W and its cheaper sibling, the LS550W, are both long-life versions of previous models. The pair also utilize a laser projection technology that reduces power consumption by nearly 50% when compared to conventional lamp-based projectors. The lifespan of 30,000 hours eliminates the need for lamp replacement, reducing maintenance needs even more. It also reduces the emission of hazardous chemicals that are detrimental to both the environment and people.

Furthermore, the projectors’ fast power on/off feature provides a more efficient user experience, eliminating the time spent waiting for full brightness to be reached after turning on and then cooling down before restarting. As a result, operation time and energy are both reduced.

Flexible Set-up and Easy Installation  

Both the LS500W/WHE and LS550W/WHE series include a 360-degree tilt angle projection for versatility in supporting creative applications such as ceiling and floor projections. Furthermore, since the H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustment function also allow projection setup from the sides, centralized positioning is no longer necessary. Furthermore, the LS550W/WH with a 0.49 short-throw lens is also suitable for smaller rooms, displaying a screen size of 100 inches from only 1.06 meters away.

The comprehensive LAN control functionality, which is included in the LS550W/WHE lineup, allows IT professionals to manage a local network with ease by providing simple and centralized management.

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