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Google Pixel Watch Leaks

In recent years, Google has been working towards building out its own range of smart devices, which feature indigenously developed designs, internals, and of course, software. The pre-pandemic acquisition of the popular wearable brand Fitbit by the company gave birth to rumours t...

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Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses Launched

Magic Leap has unveiled the second generation of their smart AR glasses, designed for commercial and tech development purposes. These models bring the promise of augmented reality to healthcare, construction, retail and various other industries....

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Anker Liberty 4 Earbuds Launched

Anker has launched a new pair of wireless earbuds under their Soundcore audio device brand, called the Anker Liberty 4. These wireless earphones feature a lightweight design and claim to come with lots of unique features such as adaptive noise cancellation, hardware based spatial...

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PICO 4 Pro VR Headset Launched

ByteDance, the global entertainment conglomerate that owns the widely popular social media app TikTok, has also acquired a technology company called Pico Interactive as part of its expansion into other segments of the home entertainment space. Pico is known for its cutting edge v...

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Skullcandy SLYR and PLYR Headsets Launched

Skullcandy has launched a new series of affordable gaming headsets, which come with multiplatform support, offering compatibility across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile devices. The headphones are made using touch, lightweight materials and feature memory foam ear cushi...

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OnePlus Nord Buds Review

Wireless earphones are having a renaissance moment right now, with almost every technology brand imaginable offering multiple options in a variety of price ranges. For the entry level budget conscious consumer, there are lots of options available in the market, but very few that ...

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Nothing Ear Stick Teased

Nothing took part in the London Fashion Week to showcase the design of their upcoming true wireless earphones, which will replace the Ear 1. The highlight of the design is that the new case now resembles a lipstick. While we did not get a look at the earbuds themselves, we can ex...

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OnePlus Nord Smartwatch Coming Soon

Wearables seem to be the next big field of competition for technology brands, as traditional smartphones have started to reach a natural plateau in terms of innovation. Now, companies are looking to innovate and expand new segments of wearable devices, from wireless earphones to ...

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Garlo X15 Wireless Earphones Reviewed

A good pair of earphones have always been a staple of the on-the-go music lovers collection. Whether you do not want to deal with the hassle of lugging around a pair of large over-the-ear headphones and their required case, or maybe you have problems related to wearing a heavy pa...

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review

The latest launch event from Samsung was something of a mixed bag. Even though we got two new models of the Galaxy series smartwatch, the whole setup seemed to be more iterative rather than something entirely new. Still, for first time buyers, this latest version of Samsung weara...

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