Garlo X15 Wireless Earphones Reviewed

Your Daily Music Companion

A good pair of earphones have always been a staple of the on-the-go music lovers collection. Whether you do not want to deal with the hassle of lugging around a pair of large over-the-ear headphones and their required case, or maybe you have problems related to wearing a heavy pair of headphones that make you stick out throughout the day.


Whatever your personal preference may be, there are a lot of reasons why someone would want a smaller, more portable, and discreet pair of earphones which can deliver a similar sound experience without the extra bulk and visibility. This is where earphones like the Garlo X15 truly shine through, and we are here to see exactly what kind of value proposition they offer in a market that is already saturated by all types of wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Design & Build Quality

As we mentioned above, if being discreet and portable is your thing, then the Garlo X15 is truly a great option. The earphones feature a sleek and slim semi-in-ear design that perfectly fits the auricle of the human ear. This means that you don’t have to push them too deep into the ear canal for a snug fit, which in turn reduces the amount of pain your ear muscles come under when compared to the experience of wearing regular earphones. At the same time, since there is a healthy gap between the earphones and the sensitive bits of your hearing mechanism, it also brings down the chances of accumulating ongoing hearing loss from sustained usage.

Even with the smaller footprint and specially designed body, the earphones still manage to include a strong 13mm speaker which features a special Graphene Vibration Membrane for extra durability and clarity. The tuning has been completed by a renowned Italian Professional Tuner, who has managed to carry out 20 times of tuning evaluations to ensure a peerless Spatial Stereo Sound experience.

The body also hosts a highly-sensitive microphone, which allows users to take audio calls with ease while also enabling semi-noise cancellation through a special software-based Transparency Mode. In order to ensure that you don’t miss any calls due to a faulty connection, the company has even incorporated an LDS Laser Engraved Antenna for better connectivity irrespective of your surroundings.

IPX7 Rating

All the components have been placed carefully inside the earphone structure to ensure the slimmest profile possible. They have even gone to the length of including micro-scale paddings in-between each component to enable an IPX7 waterproof rating, which protects the internals from sweat and rain alike. Even the outside surface has been smoothened out and made usable, thanks to the integration of a Multi-function Touch Control system, which enables almost a dozen specific touch controls that handle a whole host of functions right out of the box.

Sound & Connectivity

One of the great things about having this unique semi-in-ear design and microphone combo is that it helps greatly enhance the audio experience. Since the microphone is literally hanging outside your ear, the system can easily recognize ambient noise and help reduce its impact while you listen to your music. This means that since the music doesn’t have to compete with the outside world for your attention, you can play your favourite music at a much more decent volume.

This means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your ears by blasting the music at an extremely high volume. This also helps the music itself since now the audio doesn’t sound blown out and stretched to the extreme. This is true for almost any kind of audio device, which are generally tuned to perform their best when at around the 50-70% volume mark.

Bluetooth 5.0

Another thing that greatly enhances the music output is the inclusion of a special Bluetooth 5.0 BLE chip, which offers a quick pairing low-latency wireless connection which can sustain a more natural soundstage thanks to better compression algorithms. Since this is the latest generation of Bluetooth connectivity, it also means that you get the benefit of Binaural Design, which allows each earbud to work separately. This means that you can literally share the pair between different devices to get a truly independent wireless audio experience.

Battery & Charging

In this modern era of wireless audio, no true earphones are complete without the inclusion of a special charging case, which has to be as smart as the earphones themselves. Thankfully, in this regard, the Garlo X15 doesn’t disappoint either. You get an equally polished and sleek Ultrathin Wireless Charger, which adds almost 30 hours of additional charging to your listening experience. This is on top of the average 6 hours of listening that you can get from the earphones themselves.

Once you slot the earphones into the charging case, they automatically go into hibernation mode, where they can charge with the help of fast wireless charging. In fact, the case even has an in-built display to showcase the exact charging levels of each side, so you don’t have to play any guessing games regarding your battery levels.

The case itself supports USB-C-based Fast charging, which allows you to charge them completely in less than 1.5 hours. The same display also showcases the charging levels of the case itself, which in this case is denoted by a straightforward 0-100% numerical value. This means that you will never run out of juice, as long as you remember to plug the case in once in a while.


As you can see, the company has done its best to ensure that you have a great listening experience, which isn’t hampered by any connectivity or battery issues. The design is tailor-made, and the user experience is pretty intuitive. While they may not offer the biggest soundstage as compared to dedicated over-the-ear headphones, owing to the limitation of their slim size, it is still a decent compromise to make for a pair of wireless earphones that can be your trusted daily companion wherever you go.