Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses Launched For Developers

Magic Leap has launched their second gen AR glasses, called the Magic leap 2, which feature a smaller, lighter design and updated internals.

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Sunday October 2, 2022

Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses Launched

For Commercial and Development Purposes

Magic Leap has unveiled the second generation of their smart AR glasses, designed for commercial and tech development purposes. These models bring the promise of augmented reality to healthcare, construction, retail and various other industries.


Design Upgrades

The Magic Leap 2 AR glasses feature an updated design that is 50% smaller and 20% lighter than the first gen models. They also incorporate a wider field of view of up to 70 degrees diagonally. In addition to the new design, the glasses also feature new lens optics, which provide better visibility and higher resolution. This applies to outdoor environments and well-lit office spaces as well, thanks to a special dynamic dimming system, which darkens the display itself, so text and icons appear more solid. There is even space for a built-in battery, which can power the device for up to 3.5 hours of constant use.


The projection system is powered by a quad-core AMD Zen 2-based processor, which is paired with 256GB of storage for lots of data and software storage. This way, all the necessary applications, the basic operating system, and visual media are stored on the glasses themselves. Thus, removing the need for a constant smartphone connection.

The glasses feature a whole array of smart sensing technologies, including a 12.6MP camera for perceiving the world around you, as well as enabling 60FPS hand tracking for gesture control. In addition, you also get various sensors for depth measurement, eye tracking and maintaining the field-of-view. All of these systems can work together to sustain all sorts of future-ready applications that will be created by developers, which are the intended target audience for these glasses.

Price and Availability

Since these AR glasses are meant for commercial and experimental purposes only, the price also reflects the same. The base model features a starting price of $3,299. Developers who want extra tools and early access are suggested to go for the Developer Pro edition, which comes at $4,099. While corporate buyers can opt for the Enterprise edition model, which comes with two years of software updates and dedicated support. This also makes it the most expensive version, with a starting price of $4,999. For now, the Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses are available only in the US, UK and EU nations. However, the company is expected to do a full international rollout in the coming months.