OnePlus Nord Smartwatch Coming Soon

Nord Watch Teased by Brand

Wearables seem to be the next big field of competition for technology brands, as traditional smartphones have started to reach a natural plateau in terms of innovation. Now, companies are looking to innovate and expand new segments of wearable devices, from wireless earphones to fitness trackers and even dedicated smartwatches. The latter of which holds the most promise for the future, as efficient OLED screens and powerful chipsets become the new norm.


Brands like Apple and Samsung are already leaps ahead in this field, with their offerings currently in their 8th and 5th iterations, respectively. This has left other brands playing catchup as they try to launch their own ecosystem of smart devices. One such brand is OnePlus, which is expanding its Nord lineup with the announcement of the upcoming Nord Watch.

The company has created a special webpage to tease the smartwatch, which features a half-hidden picture of it suspended in mid-air. What we can make out just by looking at it is that it looks a lot like other smartwatches, with a squared-off display set in a sleek curved body. Metallic hooks are permanently attached to the body to host the straps, which look slim and flexible. A push button is also visible on the right side, which might also function as a crown. The body of the watch is silver metallic in finish, while the strap itself looks like basic silicone.

The company is also teasing a dedicated processor for the watch, which might make it different from the existing OnePlus watch, which is more like a glorified fitness tracker right now. The dedicated website also hints at special health sections for sports tracking, as well as women's health monitoring, so we can expect them to announce special algorithms or applications for the same.

What we do know for sure is that the watch will feature a 1.78" AMOLED Display, with a 500 nits peak brightness and 368 x 448 resolution. Everything else will be announced in their launch event, which is expected to take place on 24th September. Let us wait and see what else we get from the first dedicated smartwatch by a popular brand like OnePlus.