Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review

Built With Purpose

The latest launch event from Samsung was something of a mixed bag. Even though we got two new models of the Galaxy series smartwatch, the whole setup seemed to be more iterative rather than something entirely new. Still, for first time buyers, this latest version of Samsung wearables promises a lot, from enhanced durability to a special focus on sports and health-related activities. We took a closer look at the more premium version to see how it stacks up against the competition



This is one category where smartwatches have come a long way, with a bright and vibrant 1.4" Super AMOLED panel welcoming you to a clean and clutter-free interface. This is far cry from the early power-saving low-resolution versions which didn't really reflect the cost of the device. This time around, the pro model display is protected by a super tough Sapphire Crystal display, which offers a 60% harder outer layer, so your watch remains reliable in day-to-day use. The Pro model also gets a special titanium casing that protects the display with a protruded bezel design. The whole package is rounded off with an all-new D-Buckle Sport Band that offers rugged durability with a sleek and clean fit.


Since it is the pro model, the performance is also pretty adequate, with a dedicated 1.18GHz dual core processor handling the heavy work, in addition to the 16GB of internal storage for your music and media. The software side is handled by the latest generation of Wear OS, which is Google's smartwatch operating system tweaked to suit Samsung's unique aesthetic. There are a host of apps available and optimized for the wearable format, but with limited usability outside of checking notifications, sending messages and hearing calls. The real value comes from the health monitoring side of the equation, which deserves its own section because of the value offered.

Health Monitoring

For health-conscious users, Galaxy Watch 5 comes equipped with Samsung’s unique BioActive Sensor, which uses a single unique chip that combines three powerful health sensors – Optical Heart Rate, Electrical Heart Signal and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis – to deliver extensive readings that include heart rate, blood oxygen level, and even stress level. In addition, users can get a deeper understanding of their heart health by monitoring blood pressure and ECG – right from their wrist.

With an increased surface area and more direct contact with your wrist, Galaxy Watch 5 tracks health metrics now with even greater accuracy than Galaxy Watch 4. Plus, its powerful 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor works in combination with the other sensors of the Galaxy Watch 5 series, including the newly introduced temperature sensor, to provide users with an in-depth understanding of their wellness. The temperature sensor uses infrared technology for more accurate readings, even if the temperature of your surroundings changes.

Designed for everyday wins, Galaxy Watch 5 offers a comprehensive end-to-end experience that goes beyond fitness activities and into the post-workout, rest, and recovery process. The Body Composition measurement tool provides a complete snapshot of the user’s overall health, providing them with a tailored approach to set goals, guide them through personalized workouts, and track progress. And when it’s time to rest, the Galaxy Watch 5 series empowers users with recovery data, including post-cardio heart rate after an intense workout and customized recommendations on water consumption based on sweat loss.

Even while sleeping, the watch continues its vigilance, with health monitoring features that help you understand sleep patterns through Sleep Scores; that monitor stages of sleep, along with snore detection and blood oxygen levels. Achieve improved sleep habits with advanced Sleep Coaching that gives a tailored month-long guided program.

GPS Connectivity

Another highlight of the pro model is the GPS, that’s available for the first time on a Galaxy Watch. With this, you can record and share your path with fellow trail-lovers on the Samsung Health app with Route Workout. You can also download hiking and cycling routes as you practice for your next race or look to mix up your routine. The maps are easy to understand and also come with intuitive Turn-by-turn directions. When you’re ready to head home, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will get you there easily with the Trackback feature that takes you back the way you came.


In addition, you can also enjoy your favourite songs on Spotify, which you can access with just your voice using Google Assistant. Music and audio lovers will also appreciate updates that include new apps like SoundCloud and Deezer. Additionally, One UI Watch 4.5 offers a fuller typing experience, an easier way to make calls, and a host of new accessibility features that make the Galaxy Watch more intuitive. On top of all this, soon enough, you will be able to find your way using Google Maps from your wrist, without even a smartphone connection.

Smart Device Control

Speaking of getting usability independent of a smartphone, this smart device featuring special device control as well. This is made possible through SmartThings integration, which allows your Galaxy Watch to automatically set connected lights, AC units, and TVs to predetermined settings. This means the moment you enter your home, it is transformed into your ideal environment. Users can sleep safe and sound knowing that the enhanced fall detection ensures an emergency contact is notified if you or your loved one stumbles at home or falls out of bed.


All of this and more is powered by the largest battery to ever feature in a Galaxy Watch. It’s 60% larger than Galaxy Watch 4. While the regular Watch 5 doesn’t feature such a big upgrade, it still gets a modest 13% increment over the outgoing model, which translates to almost eight hours of sleep tracking with just eight minutes of charging, which is 30% faster than Galaxy Watch 4. With all these features and more on the way, the new Watch series offers you a comprehensive experience that is completely separate from your smartphone and other devices. Thus, making this a vital part of the Samsung ecosystem.