Skullcandy SLYR and PLYR Multiplatform Headsets Launched

Skullcandy has launched a new series of multiplatform gaming headphones, with three separate models on sale, namely the SLYR, the SLYR Pro, and the PLYR.

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Thursday September 29, 2022

Skullcandy SLYR and PLYR Headsets Launched

Multi Platform Gaming Headphones

Skullcandy has launched a new series of affordable gaming headsets, which come with multiplatform support, offering compatibility across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile devices. The headphones are made using touch, lightweight materials and feature memory foam ear cushions, so gamers can wear them for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. While there is no official name for this new series, the company has showcased three specific models, namely the SLYR, the SLYR Pro, and the flagship PLYR.


Skullcandy SLYR

This is the entry-level offering from the brand, which features wired connectivity and a removable bi-directional boom microphone. The earcups are attached to a traditional headband that offers basic cushioning, although the memory foam ear cushions are pretty comfortable. There is a physical mic mute button and volume button on the device, along with a special light on the microphone itself that lets users know if it is turned on or off. The headphones come with Skullcandy’s Supreme Sound technology for a premium in-game audio experience.

Skullcandy SLYR Pro

On the surface, this model looks exactly like the regular SLYR headphones, but on the inside, it features a lot of smart technologies. One of them is the addition of a more advanced audio processing technology called Enhanced Sound Perception. Through this system, users can take a special hearing test, which allows the headphones to gather vital information about how to tune the sound output according to their individual listening preferences. There are also options for selecting specific gaming EQ presents, which enhance the sound output based on individual gaming titles.

This model also features a unique Clear Voice Smart Mic technology, which uses an AI algorithm to cancel out ambient noises like keyboard clicks, HVAC systems, and other recurring sounds. Last but not least, there is even a special Tile Finding technology, which lets you use the Tile app to produce ringing sounds that help locate the headphones in case you misplace them. All of these systems are run off of an in-built battery which can deliver up to 24 hours of independent functioning on a single charge.

Skullcandy PLYR

This is the flagship model of the series, and it shows just by looks. In addition to the memory foam ear cushions, you also get a specially adjustable suspension headband that helps reduce the pressure on top of the head. Further, the PLYR model also comes with Bluetooth 5.2 technology so that you can use it in both wireless and wired modes. It even features a special onboard headset mic, so the Clear Voice Smart Mic tech keeps working even if you remove the boom mic. To make the most of this unique setup, the earphones also support dual-connect capabilities so that you can stream audio from two separate devices simultaneously. This is in addition to all the technologies already featured in the SLYR Pro models.

Price & Availability

The SLYR and SLYR Pro models are available at a starting price of $59.99 and $99.99, respectively. You can get them both in three unique colours, namely Black DigiHype, Green DigiHype, and Blue DigiHype. The flagship PLYR models cost a bit more, at a starting price of $129.99 and are only available in the black colour option. For now, all these models are currently available for pre-orders via the Skullcandy website and on Amazon. They will go on open sale in the coming weeks.